Intro: Portable Projector

Portable Projectors have become a sensation and the reason for that is simple: It reduces the space required for projecting content. Moving onto the next level of technology we are chasing to make more and more space available in our surrounding. Instead of opting for large houses, people are inclined towards buying flats for living. We usually chase for exact amount of space which we need. Talking about science, which is hottest topic in physics science at the moment? Nano Technology.

This is how the world works. We are trying to increase our comfort level by doing everything possible. People would prefer carrying a Portable Projector over a large projector which gives us similar output. The days of messy cables, large boxes, less space have met a full stop. We have successfully entered the age of Portable Projectors which has room for a lot of improvement. At iCodis, we are utilizing this room and improving this technology to ease your life.

What is a Portable Projector?

Portable Projector is a device made to replace large projectors. Additionally, it offers various features which large projectors can’t offer. These devices are of the size of mobile phones but give functionality output equivalent to that of large projectors. To sum it up, these pocket-sized devices will let you stream videos, music videos, TV shows on the go without any need of attaching any cables or giving extra noticeable space to them. Portable Projectors can be used in daily life for various purposes.

Do you want to watch a movie at your home for a theater like experience?
You can turn on your portable projector and project it on your wall.
Are you nervous about your office presentation?
Do you want to rehearse your presentation before going to the office for performing the real deal?
Portable Projectors will be present to ease your tension. Project your presentation on any wall and rehearse as much you want. You can do a lot more exciting things with a portable projector. You don’t need to carry a large box with you everywhere. Also, no need to attach cables to large projectors and make things messy. You don’t need to place a special large projector in your home for rehearsing presentations or streaming movies. Portable Projectors solve your daily life problems. They save your time, space and workload to a great extent.

Uses of Portable Projectors

• Portability was the main motive behind the invention of these little magical devices. Portable Projector aid in the elimination of space required for large projectors. With reference to above context, you have already learned how much portable these devices are. Messy cables and large boxes have become undesirable and space acquiring ghosts now. You can carry these Portable Projectors in your pocket or in a bag. You can embed them with devices as well. How much more portable can a device be?
• You can use Portable Projectors for rehearsing presentations before meetings. It has been noted that Portable Projectors are replacing large projectors in offices as well. This gives employees freedom to express themselves with proper practice. Portable Projector makes offices more compact and tech-savvy.
• Wedding albums are always the most priced jewel of every wedding. However, now wedding videos are going to replace this crown. Projecting wedding videos on the big screen with the help of your Portable Projectors lights up the mood. Not only wedding videos, you can record your parties and live the moment again and again with the help of Portable Projectors.
• You can watch movies with your family at home. You don’t need to reach out for theatres anymore. Having fun night with your friends, a night out full of movies was never so much amazing before the invention of Portable Projectors. You can improve the experience of your family and your friends because of this pocket-sized dynamite regularly.
• Portable Projectors enhance the functionality of projectors. The workload of projector was reduced because of the space it requires. However, Portable Projectors have banished the myths of old large sized projectors. Embedding these devices with other electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops etc enhance the functionality of both devices.
• If you have heard about Sixth Sense in past then you would know how you can use Portable Projectors for gesture control. Portable Projectors when used with laser pointers and webcams offer user to fully control a system using laser pointers. Sixth Sense was a device developed by MIT students using Portable Projectors.
• Portable Projectors are embedded with mobile phones to project content via mobile phone. These types of phones are often referred to as ‘Projector Phones.’ These projector phones allow users to projector content present on your mobile phone on any flat surface.
• Many gamers buy large TV sets to fulfil their lust of having real life experience while gaming. Instead of buying these expensive TV sets, gamers can switch to Portable Projectors. Portable Projectors allow gamers to project and play these games on big screen simultaneously. This set-up offers real life experience to gamers.
Portable Projectors have garnered worldwide popularity. Many new applications of Portable Projectors have been come into light. Sixth Sense built by MIT students is of one of the examples of these new applications. iCodis is working on improving these Portable Projectors and increase their functionality as well.

Type of Portable Projectors

1. Standalone Portable Projectors: These Portable Projectors are connected with an external device via any cable. Usually, USB and HDMI cables are used for connection purpose. These external devices provide video signal to Portable Projectors for projecting content on any flat surface. Generally, these Portable Projectors have in-built rechargeable batteries.
2. Embedded Portable Projectors: These Portable Projectors are embedded in an electronic device. Portable Projectors derive power and output from the electronic device. When a Portable Projectors is embedded in a mobile phone then the resultant device is known as ‘Projector Phone.’
3. Media Player: These Portable Projectors do not need an external system for deriving input. They have memory card slots for external memory. These memory devices provide input to Portable Projectors which in return projects content. These Portable Projectors eliminate the use of cables.
4. USB Projector: These Portable Projectors are connected to external system with the aid of USB cable. USB cable connects Portable Projectors with external system which helps Portable Projectors to gain power and input. As power is derived from external systems, USB Projectors are battery free projectors. Absence of in-built batteries gains USB projectors a tag of being the smallest types of Portable Projectors.

Technology used in Portable Projectors

As we’ve specified in other posted articles, three main technology used in portable projectors are DLP, LCoS, and LBS.

 Digital Light Processing (DLP): DLP by Texas Instrument is a technology used in Portable Projects. This technology uses white light source and few filtering techniques with the help of tiny mirrors to project content.

 Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS): LCoS uses white light source to project content. Small LCDs are used to project content by controlling how much light casts upon a designated pixel as well.

 Laser Beam Steering (LBS): This technology was proposed by Micro vision. LBS uses different technology compared to DLP and LCoS. Optical principles are used to coalesce three different colored laser beams.

iCodis uses DLP technology in their Portable Projectors. iCodis is working hard to provide Portable Projectors with features which will allow customers to curb their daily life needs. iCodis keeps a check over your budget as well. All Portable Projectors developed at iCodis have salient features promising to stay one step ahead of other Portable Projectors. Portable Projectors are usually affordable and are pocket sized which can be carried anywhere with customers with ease. We have shortlisted two of the best Portable Projectors available at iCodis for you.