Bad Habits in Using Projector

1. Unplug the power socket or turn off the power when it doesn't cool down
As we all know, heat is the killer of projection light bulb, which is the reason why many manufacturers have repeatedly stressed the effect of heat dissipation. After the projector is turned off, it is better to cool it down for a while. The airtight design of projector is difficult to automatically dissipate heat. After unplugging the power supply, the projection fan will stop working immediately. As a result, a large amount of heat generated after the projection bulb works for a long time will accumulate in the interior of the projector, which will seriously affect the electrical performance of the bulb and internal components. In serious cases, the bulb will explode.

2. Fast shutdown comes from new cooling system
In order to avoid this phenomenon, we should turn off the projector switch after use, and the projector fan will continue to cool down. When the heat inside the projector is exhausted, the projector fan will automatically stop rotating, and then cut off the power supply. Of course, the business projector with fast shutdown function will be a little better, but if it is not necessary, do not shut down immediately.

3. Long time use of projector
It's better not to use the projector for a long time. After all, the air cooling effect is limited, which is why the bulb has a life service. That is to say, the fan can't take all the heat away, and the long-term heat accumulation will make the bulb brightness drop or even the bulb will burst. Therefore, it is recommended that users do not use the projector for more than 4 hours in a row.

4. Switching frequency is too high
There is a danger of "breakdown" in the switching action of many electronic components, which is why we try to avoid frequent switching when using computers. The same light bulb is more "delicate" and "expensive", especially for the projector supporting fast start-up, which uses a large current to realize a short preheating time in an instant, and improves the risk factor by one gear. Therefore, when using the projector, we should not turn on and off frequently to avoid frequent current or voltage impact on the projection bulb and circuit.

5. Vibrate the projector when it is on
Although in the process of use, in addition to the fixed installation mode, we inevitably need to move and adjust, etc., but it is a necessary good habit to handle with care, because under the working condition of full power of the projector, the projection bulb will generate a lot of heat, and the high temperature generated by the heat will make the filament in the projection bulb in the state of near melting. This is also why the filament uses a variety of high melting point expensive metals. So in this semi melting state, if the projector is vibrated, the impact on the bulb is undoubtedly the biggest, and if the high temperature filament falls, then not only the bulb is off, but also the bulb may burst, so it is very important to avoid vibration.

6. Cover the projection light with the lens cover
We may rest while using the projector, but we don't want to turn it off. If we keep the projector on for a while, we will feel awkward, so we often block it with the lens cover. However, it should be noted that the lens cover should not be used for a long time, so the heat of the light projected will be blocked at the lens. If the time is too long, it will inevitably cause high temperature damage to the lens and the light machine.