About Us

Powerful, Portable, and without Compromise

Size matters – our goal when we founded iCodis was to accelerate the development of increasingly small and powerful devices. To achieve this exciting dream, we brought together a team of highly skilled engineers and developers to create innovative and futuristic products.

Just a few years ago, the idea of such a best value projector fitting in the palm of your hand was inconceivable. iCodis’ contributions in the areas of miniaturization, software, and user interface have greatly accelerated this trend. Since 2015, iCodis has been at the cutting edge of the projector modernization movement by combining the perfect mixture of portability with incredibly clear video quality.

We strongly believe that each device needs to fit its owner and our different ranges of projects can fit your needs. Whether that's for playing Fortnite at home, presenting your latest PPT in the office, or just want a small and portable theater projector for your next camping trip. 

Simply connect one of our projectors to your computer, smartphone, or any other mobile device, to quickly make your world MUCH bigger.