At present, most of the professional non-contact scanners in the market adopt the arrangement of the imaging lens and linear CCD. When scanning books, ancient books, newspapers and other original parts, use the change of distance to maintain the correct focus. In the scanning process, the linear CCD sensor will capture the information in the original in the order of red, green and blue lines. When the CCD processor converts these lines into the correct order, the image is composed of the full resolution of RGB value, without the phenomenon of lacking colour channel of matrix CCD.

Users who often use projectors can encounter some problems. For example, when the projector is connected to the power supply, it can't be turned on, or the laptop screen is turned on but the projector screen is not turned on. Are these situations projector failure or misoperation in use? Today, we will summarize these common problems and give solutions. If there are problems described below, you will know how to solve them.

When you buy a projector, you need to pay attention to several key parameters, such as brightness, resolution and contrast. These parameters largely determine the image performance ability of the projector. However, many friends realized that although the parameters of different brands of projectors are basically the same, most of them are quite different in color performance. So what influences the color of the projector?