Scanners Lead the Fashion Trend for Portable Business and Office Work

17.03.2021 0 iCODIS Official

1. The importance of scanners

As an emerging office artifact, scanners play an increasingly important role in green, low-carbon and efficient office. iCODIS has been always dedicated to combining office with emerging technologies, breaking through previous office methods, improving office efficiency, saving costs, and contributing to environmental protection.

The scanner can scan in 1 second, upload in 1 second, recognize in 1 second, convert in 1 second, with 0 consumables, 0 radiation, making the office more efficient and environmentally friendly. The scanner is iCODIS's new low-carbon office product. It adopts an original folding ultra-convenient design, has an OCR text recognition function, and can also perform operations such as photographing, video recording, copying, and network paperless faxing.

2. Advantages of iCODIS Scanner

With strong technical force, iCODIS has launched a variety of models of scanner products, which can meet the needs of different industries and different application scenarios, and have been widely used, establishing a brand position in the new office product industry. The iCODIS scanner is accurately positioned and has become the most trustworthy brand for customers.

As customers improve the scanning accuracy and pixel requirements of scanners, iCODIS has launched a product with 21 megapixel high-definition scanning performance. Its resolution accuracy has been greatly improved, far exceeding the resolution accuracy achieved by ordinary scanners, and the image acquisition speed is faster. Besides, it is also more convenient to use, meeting the needs of customers with high pixels and high resolution.

With the continuous development of high technology, the pace of life and work is getting faster and faster. For the units that are becoming more and more common in information technology, it is inseparable from the help of high technology. Don’t you want to improve office efficiency? iCODIS scanner is here ready to help you.