How Is the Side Projection of the Projector Achieved?

10.05.2021 0 iCODIS Official

Many people have limited space in their homes. When buying a projector, they hope that the projector supports side projection. I believe many people know that the side projection function of the projector is realized by the keystone correction of the projector. Therefore, for those buyers who don't know much, they will directly buy projectors that support keystone correction. But if the projector supports keystone correction, can it be surely used for side projection? The answer is no. The keystone correction function of the projector is also different.

  1. What is the keystone correction of the projector?

When the projector is projecting a picture from the side, the picture cannot be presented in a rectangular shape due to the incorrect installation of the projector. The keystone correction function changes the picture to a relatively standard rectangle. This is the so-called keystone correction function. This function can be subdivided into three ways: up and down, left and right, and rotation.


  1. How to realize the side projection of the projector?

The projector needs to perform side projection, and must support keystone correction in the left and right directions. Only the up and down keystone correction function cannot achieve the side projection of the projector. At the same time, the implementation of side projection of the projector can be further divided into two types: software and hardware.

①Software side projection: This is to calculate the trapezoidal angle of the output projector screen through the projector's GPU, and then output it to the optical machine for display. The advantage of software side projection is lower cost, but the disadvantage is that the keystone correction speed is a little slow, the correctable angle is small, the image quality loss is large, and the trapezoid edge has obvious jagged edges. Most importantly, the software side projection does not support 3D.

②Hardware side projection: This is the projector equipped with a special keystone correction chip. The iChipsC788 chip from Japan is commonly used. The projector equipped with this chip can perform keystone correction of up to 45°, while also providing image quality correction and adjustment functions, supporting 3D side projection.

Therefore, if you need to install a projector in your home for side projection, it is better to buy a projector with hardware side projection.