Solutions to Common Problems of High-speed Photographic Apparatus

09.04.2021 0 iCODIS Official

Today, some problems and solutions that may occur during the use of high-speed photographic apparatus have been sorted out for everyone, hoping to provide help with you.

  1. When thehigh-speed photographic apparatus is connected to the computer via the data cable, the software cannot call it.

①Open the computer device manager to see if there is any device in the image device. If there is no device, proceed to the next step. Check if the USB data cable connection is normal and try another data cable.

② Change to another USB port or try another computer.

③Check if there are other programs occupying the device, such as other software that calls the camera. Or whether the device is blocked by anti-virus software. Restart the computer and reopen the software. If you still can’t use it, you can uninstall the software and install the software again.

  1. The high-speed photographic apparatusis unstable. During document scanning, the device often overturns on the desktop.

① Check whether the desktop is flat and the base of the equipment is flat.

②Try to place the device in a location or corner that is not easy to touch, so as not to touch the device frequently during operation.

③After the USB cable is connected, it has a certain fixed effect on the device.

  1. The image scanned by the high-speed photographic apparatus is uneven, unclear, and the shooting effect is not ideal, resulting in uneven, unclear, and dark image background.

①There may be insufficient light, so choose to shoot in a well-lit environment.

②The resolution setting may be too low. Normally, the resolution of 2 million is 1600×1200, the resolution of 3 million is 2048×1536, and the resolution of 5 million is 2592×1944.

③Check if the display mode is set correctly (true color).

  1. The fill light of high-speed photographic apparatus does not turn on. In the case of insufficient light, the fill light cannot be turned on.

①Check if the USB cable connection is normal, and plug the USB cable again.

②Click the touch button and refer to the manual to see if the operation is correct.

③Check whether the computer's USB port is normal, replace the USB port or connect another computer.