What Are the Consumables of the Scanner?

23.03.2021 0 iCODIS Official

1. Most office equipment will involve consumables

Many small partners should know that most of the office equipment will involve the replacement of some consumables to ensure the normal and long-lasting operation of the equipment. So what consumables does the scanner have? The following is a detailed introduction to prevent you from being deceived when the scanner needs to be repaired later.

2. What are the consumables of the scanner

Of course, scanners hardly have consumables like printer cartridges. After long-term use, it will be mainly related to the replacement of lamp tubes and photosensitive parts, commonly known as "scanning heads." However, if it is replaced, it will be overhauled or even updated, so it is not considered a consumable. However, the pickup roller will produce a lot of wear after a large amount of scanning work, so it needs to be replaced regularly to ensure that the scanning work is carried out with high quality and high efficiency.

In recent years, a kind of scanner with almost zero consumables has appeared on the market, that is, the iCODIS book scanner, which has high performance and high price. It can be described as a dark horse in the scanner industry in recent years. It can support ultra-high-definition real-time instant presentations, capture and display images with the largest size of A3/A4, and output flat pages, with automatic correction function. And the built-in LED light can provide high brightness, allowing you to work in a dim working environment.