How to Choose the Scanner you need?

Choosing an appropriate scanner should be based on application scenarios, scanning originals, workload and budget.
If it is for personal use, a convenient, easy-to-use and reasonable price scanner is enough. If it is for office use, the situation will be much more complicated. It is necessary to consider the scanner brand, system compatibility, function integration, etc.

Scanning single page plane original, such as contract, ID card, receipt, etc., the ordinary flat scanner can meet such scanning requirements. The scanning speed is about 5S / page. The advantage of this kind of scanners is that they are relatively cheap and have a good scanning effect. The disadvantages are slow processing speed and complex hardware and software operation. The scanning cycle is long.
If you want to scan books and periodicals, in this case, the scanning speed is the first consideration, and ordinary flatbed scanners are not competent (imagine that you need a whole day to scan a Book). Besides, due to the existence of the spine, the large shadow and serious distortion on the scanned image also make us reluctant to choose a flat scanner.

If it is allowed to disassemble books and cause some damage to books and periodicals, the paper feed scanner can be considered. The scanning process does not need too much manual operation.
As long as the books and periodicals are correctly placed, the scanning will be completed automatically. This scanner is characterized by high speed and no need for manual operation. However, its disadvantages are also obvious - it causes damage to the original books and periodicals, and it will be very troublesome once the paper is jammed (in fact, the books and periodicals scanned by the paper feed scanner are easy to jam).

If you are looking for a lossless and efficient way to scan, you need a professional non-contact scanner. The non-contact scanning method will not cause any damage to the original. At the same time, it is easy to operate: open the books and periodicals on the manuscript table, and click the scanning button to start scanning. After scanning, just turn the page to start the next scanning cycle. It perfectly captures all the details of the original, truly restores the original colour, and ensures high-quality data output.

Megascan X3 document scanner