How to Connect My Smartphone to the Projector?

The method of connecting a mobile phone to a projector can be summarized by two methods: wired connection and wireless connection.

Wired connection
There are two ways. First, if the smart phone supports MHL connection, then buy an MHL cable directly. One end is connected to the mobile phone, the other end is connected to the HDMI interface of the projector, and then the signal source of the projector is selected as the high-definition signal (HDMI interface input), so that the mobile phone can be wired to the projector with the same screen.
Another way of wired connection is through ordinary mobile phone charging cable. The use of this common line to connect a mobile phone to a projector requires the support of a projector system. At this time, common projectors are installed with some on-screen software, such as EZCast. Scan the phone to download the software, then open the software, and establish a wired connection with the projector, so as to achieve the same screen function. For specific operations, see the instructions of each projection manufacturer. There are still some steps in operation. But if it is an Apple phone, it is much simpler. After connecting, you only need to turn on the mirror function of the phone.

Wireless same screen
The operation method of wireless same screen based on Android system and IOS system is different. For the Android system, there are many ways to operate. There are two main types here. One is to turn on the wireless on-screen function option of the projector. Then, let the mobile phone surf the Internet wirelessly, and be on the same Wifi line as the projector. Then open the multi-screen interactive option function of the phone, and find the ID of the projector, and click connect. Another method is through third-party software, such as LeBao cast screen. Open the software on the projector, and then open the software on the mobile phone, and select cast screen. If it is an IOS system, the operation is much simpler. First, click on the IOS screen selection option on the projector, and then click on Airplay mirroring on the iPhone to implement screen projection.

If the projector is a common function projector with an HDMI interface and does not support the same screen, you can also achieve the same screen of the mobile phone in two ways: the first method is to purchase a same screen device. The same screen device is connected to the mobile phone at one end and the HDMI interface of the projector at the other end to realize the same screen function. The second method is to connect the projector and a network playback box (such as Xiaomi Box), open the music broadcast screen on the playback box, and tap to achieve the same screen on the mobile phone.

Connect your Android phone and projector to the same local area network, then click "Screen Sharing". The projector will automatically identify the device, then press the remote control and click "Allow", then it will be on the same screen. The things on the phone can be displayed on the screen.