How to Use the Bedroom Projector?

The minimum width of the projector is unlimited. For the same projector, the distance is longer , and the screen is larger. The distance is closer, and the screen is smaller. If the curtain is too small to buy, you can customize it, or you can brush the wall white.

If you hang, use a projector hanger, with one power cable, one audio and video cable. If there are many video signal sources, a video switcher can be added to switch TV programs, video players, camera videos, etc. together. The camera is easy to connect, just switch the camera video signal to the video switcher. It ’s free to see what you want.

The most important thing to pay attention to is: when shutting down, use the remote control to softly shut down, and then cut off the power after the fan has completely stopped, so as to truly cool the protection bulb. In addition, take a while to remove the air filter and clean it. And don't look directly into the projection lens, because it hurts your eyes.

Use a fixed universal hanger to install the projector. If it is an electric hanger, generally the hanger is fixed on the house beam and then the projector is hung, and the height is generally about 30cm below the house.

When you turn on the power switch, the bulb should be on, and the fan will start rotating. If the fan does not turn off, immediately turn off the power and stop using it, and ask for the reason.

All the cables must be embedded in place (video cable, audio cable, socket ...), the location of the projector must be considered in advance, and the size of the projection cloth must be accurate. It is best to choose a socket with a switch if you want to place the projector in the ceiling mount position. If it's an electric screen, you also need to put the power there. It is best to make a ceiling cassette in the place where the curtain is hoisted, and it is necessary to strengthen the place where the curtain and the projector are installed.