Key Points for Using Digital Projector

Mechanical aspect: strictly prevent strong collision, extrusion and vibration. The strong shock can cause the displacement of the liquid crystal, affect the convergence of the three LCDs during the projection, and the RGB color does not coincide. The lens and mirror in the optical system will also deform or damage, affecting the image quality. Under the impact of the zoom lens, the track will be damaged, causing the lens to be stuck, or even the lens can not be used.

Optical system: pay attention to the dust prevention and ventilation of the use environment. At present, the LCD and DLP optical mechanical systems we use are very small, some are only 0.9 inch, and the resolution has reached 1024x768 or even 1290x1080, that is to say, each pixel is only 0.02mm, and the dust particles are enough to block it. Due to the heat dissipation of the projector's light panel, there is usually a special fan to cool it with the flow of dozens of liters of air per minute. After passing through the dust filter net, the high-speed air flow may also contain small dust particles, so dust is one of the biggest enemies of the projector.

Ten precautions in the use of projector:
1. Try to use the original cable and wire of projector
2. Keep away from water or damp place when using the projector
3. Pay attention to dust prevention, and take dust prevention measures after consulting professionals
4. Keep the projector away from heat source
5. Pay attention to the nominal value of power supply voltage, ground wire and power polarity of the machine
6. The user is not allowed to repair and open the machine body, and the original accessories shall be used as much as possible when replacing the internal cable parts
7. When the projector is not in use, the power must be cut off
8. When the projector is in use, if any abnormality is found, unplug the power supply first
9. Pay attention to cooling the projector after use

Read your own projector
On the body of the projector, there are indicator lights. One of the indicators is marked "TEMP", which is the projector bulb indicator. During use, the "TEMP" indicator turns red, indicating that the projector is overheated, and when it is green, indicating that the temperature is normal. The "LAMP" indicator light turns red, which may be that the bulb is overheated. In this case, stop the machine. After the fan stops running, turn off the power to cool it, and check the ventilation and heat dissipation.

Some of the more advanced models have the function of overheat protection. When the red light is on, it will shut down automatically. If the ventilation and heat dissipation are good, wait for the projector to cool down fully (about 20 minutes), and then turn it on for use. If "LAMP" indicator lights up again soon after restart, it may be that the bulb is aging, so further check the bulb.