Key Points of Scanner Procurement

1 Entry-level individual users
Generally speaking, we should first pay more attention to economic practicability and ease of use, instead of chasing too high resolution. Even for image processing enthusiasts, a resolution of 600dpi can meet the basic requirements. In terms of ease of use, attention should be paid to whether there is a detailed installation and use manual attached, whether the scanning software interface is easy to understand and to set various options, whether there are some convenient function keys designed, etc.When buying, see whether the color style of the scanner is suitable for one's own aesthetic habits. Choosing a satisfactory appearance, volume and style can well decorate the family environment.

2. Ordinary office users
If you are an ordinary office user, the purpose is very clear, that is to scan faster. Therefore, when purchasing, more attention should be paid to the scanning speed of the scanner and whether it is equipped with a paper feeder, which is conducive to the automatic continuous scanning of manuscripts. In terms of resolution, about 1200dpi can meet almost all the requirements. As for color, it is not as high as that of professional users because of the common color deviation of computer screens. In addition, the ease of use and intelligent design of the scanner are equally important to ordinary office users. Humanized design can save some complicated scanning steps, especially for users who often need batch scanning.

3. Professional users
Users who are engaged in professional image processing in graphic design, advertisement production, printing and typesetting and other fields have high-end requirements on all aspects of scanner performance, especially the scanning effect, which requires color restoration, clarity and level to be higher than that of ordinary scanners. When purchasing a scanner, in addition to paying attention to high hardware color bits and high resolution (generally above 1200dpi), you should also know another important parameter of the scanner: dynamic density (this parameter is generally less than 2.0 for ordinary scanners). The higher the dynamic density, the stronger the scanner's hierarchical performance. It is generally necessary to scan films, negatives and other transparent manuscripts. Since the storage space occupied by higher resolution scanning pictures is certain, if the scanner is equipped with a faster SCSI interface (or IEEE 1394), the data transmission time can be greatly shortened and the work efficiency can be improved. Thus the requirements for volume, weight and appearance characteristics are not important.

4. Comprehensive guidance
The restoration degree of an original image by a scanner is not only related to the above resolution, but also affected by the color depth and gray scale. The scanning speed is closely related to system configuration, scan resolution setting, scanning size, magnification, etc. Fast scanner speed is important, but the image quality cannot be affected by improving the speed. Some scanners with very fast scanning speed will lose some image information during scanning. Therefore, you must try to scan it yourself before making a formal purchase. It is best to bring along some different scanned originals, such as photos, printed images, newspaper text, etc. At the same time, you can also try to scan some objects, such as keys and cigarettes, to see if the effect is satisfactory.