Scanner, an input or output device?

Is the scanner an input device or an output device? Scanners are often used in computer external equipment by capturing images and converting them into digital input devices that can be displayed, edited, stored, and output by a computer. Photos, text pages, drawings, art drawings, photographic negatives, film films, and even three-dimensional objects such as textiles, sign panels, printed board samples can be used as scanning objects. 

The physical object is converted into a device that can be edited and added to the file. Is the scanner an input device or an output device? The scanner is an input system in computer-aided design (CAD). It is composed of computer software and computer and output device (laser printer, laser plotter) interfaces to form a pre-screen computer processing system. It is suitable for office automation (OA) and is widely used in sign panels, printed boards, printing industries, etc.

Just like printers, the technology of scanners is also developing with each passing day, and it is becoming more and more user-friendly. Knowing the technical development of scanners and future development trends is very beneficial for us to buy machines. We will introduce the technical development of the scanner from the parameters that need attention when purchasing:


Optical resolution

Optical resolution is the most important factor when we choose a scanner. The scanner has two major resolutions, namely the maximum resolution and the optical resolution. The optical resolution is directly related to the usual use. The unit of resolution of the scanner is strictly defined as ppi, but people also mistakenly call it dpi. PPI refers to the number of pixels per inch. Generally, horizontal resolution is used to determine the accuracy of the scanner, because the vertical resolution can be controlled by the stepper motor of the scanner, and the horizontal resolution is completely determined by the CCD accuracy of the scanner. At the beginning, the mainstream optical resolution was 300ppi. After 1999, it was about 600ppi. After 2000, it gradually transitioned to 1200ppi. The mainstream optical resolution has reached 2400ppi. Therefore, as an ordinary user, we purchase a scanner with 2400ppi optical resolution is sufficient.