Scanner Purchase Parameters And How Should Users Choose

Scanner performance parameters
When choosing a scanner, first look at the performance parameters, including: scanning width (size), optical resolution (mostly positioned at 600x1200 dpi and higher), color digit (the higher the digit is, the richer the color is), and photosensitive elements (CCD technology is currently the most mature one, with superior performance, while CIS is suitable for mobile office environment).

Scanner software
Users who are unfamiliar with graphic processing can choose a scanner provided with simple operation. It is difficult to master the operation due to improper selection. It is better to provide more detailed instructions in Chinese. The selection of OCR software is very important for office users, and attention should be paid to whether they can recognize various printed handwriting, forms, mixed arrangement of Chinese and English, etc.

Scanner interface
Common interfaces include SCSI interface, EPP interface and USB interface (USB1.1 and 2.0), firewire (1394). It is recommended to purchase USB2.0 interface, which is fast, supports plug and play, and is very convenient to connect with computers.

Scanner machine inspection
First look at the appearance, and then carry out detection, including checking the scanner's adaptability to paper, photosensitive elements, transmission mechanism, gray level, color and OCR character recognition input detection.

Brand selection of scanner
The scanner should be of good quality and durability. The scanner of iCODIS not only has guaranteed quality, but also has perfect after-sales service.