Solutions to Common Problems of Using Projectors

Projector is used more and more widely, not only in some business occasions, but also in many people's home film systems. But most people don't care much about how to use the projector correctly.

In fact, there will be many small problems in the use of the projector. In addition to the basic installation and maintenance, there will be some puzzling occasion in the use of the projector, which will make the user misunderstand the projector. Today, I'll explain the common problems that the projector occasionally has, so that users won't be too flustered in the use process.

The first is about sound.
Many users will be confused about the sound when using the projector. The speaker of the projector is very small. The main function of the projector itself is to show the perfect picture, and the loudspeaker takes up too much internal space, so the loudspeaker design of the projector will be relatively small, so it is better to cooperate with the external sound equipment when using the projector. At present, most of the projectors on the market are equipped with sound output terminals, which is also fully prepared for the external sound equipment.

Secondly, the brightness of the projector.
Many users responded that the projection screen was not as bright as before after the projector was used for a period of time. They asked if there was a quality problem with the projector. Actually not. At present, most projector products use the built-in bulb penetration projection mode, and the projection brightness is mainly determined by the bulb, while the display brightness of the projector's bulb is inversely proportional to its use time. Generally speaking, after 120 hours of use, the brightness of the bulb will drop by 20% - 30%. Therefore, users must pay attention to protecting the projector's bulb in normal use. Do not use it for a long time. Try to turn off the projector when not in use.

Finally, the problem of the picture.
Sometimes the projector has the state that image is unstable state, or the picture blurs and shakes. This is also not a problem with the projector function. Some tips are needed to solve it. First look at the image instability.

The output image of the projector is unstable and has stripe fluctuation, which is mostly due to the inconsistency between the power signal of the signal source and the power signal of the projector. The user needs to plug the power of the projector and the signal source into the same terminal block, which can basically solve this problem.

The condition of blurred and dithering picture. Generally speaking, if the projector is too far away from the signal source, it will weaken signal, and the performance projected on the screen can be blurred or dithered. So when using the projector, it is noted that the distance between the signal source and the projector can not be too large. If the distance between the two is large, it is recommended to use a signal amplifier to help the projector receive the signal from the signal source.