The Benefits of Using A Handheld 3D Scanner

The handheld 3D scanner is an electronic product born of the times. It has many advantages that cannot be reached by some traditional imaging instruments. The main advantages are:

It is highly competitive, requires no CMM scanning arms or other external tracking devices, and has very low maintenance costs.

High resolution
It detects every detail and provides extremely high resolution.

Dual scan mode
Users can switch between normal and high-resolution scanning modes using the buttons mounted on the top of the device. Normal resolution is useful for large parts and dynamic scanning, while high resolution is dedicated to demanding complex surfaces.

Very high precision
It provides unparalleled accuracy and produces precise 3D object images.

True automatic multi-resolution
The new decimateTriangles slider maintains higher resolution when needed, while maintaining a larger triangle mesh on the plane to produce a smaller STL file format.

No additional tracking or positioning equipment is needed, and the innovative positioning point technology enables users to move the measured object in any way and angle according to their needs.

Handheld device
The first truly portable device: it can fit into a suitcase and be carried to the job site or transferred between factories. The shape and weight distribution of the device are fully suitable for long-term use without causing muscle and bone soreness.

The hand-held 3D scanner is user-friendly: it is easy to use even in a small space, and can scan any size, shape and color of objects. You only need a short training time to use it.