The Difference Between a High-Speed Camera and a Scanner

High-speed camera is a hot office product in recent years. It not only can be used for photographing, video recording, photocopying and faxing, but also has a smaller size, convenient to carry and more perfect in function compared with traditional scanners. It can be said to be a perfect solution to make office easier, faster and environmentally friendly. Which brand of high-speed camera is good? How is it used? Follow iCODIS to uncover the mysterious veil of the high-speed camera.

What is a high-speed camera
The high-speed camera is a newly developed super-portable low-carbon office product and an innovative product in the office field. With an extraordinarily convenient folding design and OCR text recognition function, it can complete high-speed scanning in one second and convert scanned pictures into editable word documents. It can also take photos, record videos, copy, fax without paper on the internet, make electronic books, trim edges and straighten up. Its perfect solution makes office easier, faster and more environmentally friendly.

The use of a high-speed camera
Document scanning: The high-speed camera uses USB2.0 interface, and its transmission speed can reach 480Mbps. The 2003005m pixel sensor is equipped with 3005008m high-definition lens, which provides high-quality scanning. Its maximum scanning size can reach A3 format. Whether it is a color book, a bill ID card or a manuscript file and the like, its JPG or a set format file can be easily stored in computer.

E-books making: It can automatically organize an e-book into PDF file format by shooting the pages of books, and store it on hard disk for easy storage and transmission.
Physical photography: By folding the product, it is convenient to photograph the physical objects, including the photographer, physical objects, etc. and save the data. At the same time, continuous shooting is accessible, with the time interval set by itself.

Video recording: The high-speed camera provides real-time DV recording function, with simple operation and high recording quality. The recording time can be set according to the size of the hard disk.
High definition million video capture: It can provide smooth high definition images in QQ video or online video.

Signature making: After owning a high-definition camera, you can make your own handwritten signature and extract the name. In future electronic documents, you only need to paste the name on the document to realize direct handwritten signature, fax and document printing.
Physical projector: The high-speed camera has a movable structure, which can shoot any object in space and finally display it on the computer screen. It can be directly projected onto the curtain with the projector.

Fax mail copying: It can quickly obtain paper documents, objects and other image documents, and can be printed in real time by a black and white or color printer, or directly sent by network fax.

Which brand of high-speed camera is good?
The more products there are, the more choices there are, and the harder it is to decide. In the face of so many brand names in the market, many friends do not know which is better, and whether it is easy to use? How to choose the most suitable one from so many high-speed cameras in the market is very difficult! The following is a brief introduction to purchasing skills:

1. Look at the sales volume:
Generally speaking, most people approve the products with high sales volume. At least many people have used them. Taking the evaluation into consideration, we can see how the functional quality of each product is.

2. Look at the evaluation:
The evaluation information of a product is the best information of whether a product is good or bad. In the case of similar sales volume, the better the evaluation is, the higher the recognition of the product is!

3. Look at the price:
On the basis of functional recognition, choose a high-end metronome with acceptable price, and then choose the best one for you!

4. Look at the service:
After-sales service is also an important criterion to consider. It is related to the user experience of the product.