The World's Fastest 3d Book Scanner Can Scan 250 Pages Per Minute

Although now we have entered the digital era, and e-books are gradually popular and popular, many organizations and individuals think it is necessary to convert paper materials into electronic documents for preservation.

According to media reports, Dai Nippon printing announced yesterday that it had launched the world's fastest 3D book scanner developed in collaboration with professors Masatoshi Ishikawa and Yoshihiro Watanabe of the University of Tokyo. The book scanner scans up to 250 pages per minute at an amazing speed.

As we all know, the speed of general scanning products is not very fast. Among the all-in-one products we tested, the product with the fastest scanning function also takes more than 10 seconds to scan a piece of A4 paper. Then the number of pages scanned per minute is 6. Compared with this high-speed scanner, it's snail speed.

This scanner is different from the traditional one. When scanning, it turns pages at high speed through a mechanical device, takes 3D pictures of pages through two powerful cameras, and uses real-time stereo image identification technology and high-speed aberration correction algorithm to realize fast and high-quality book scanning. In addition, the book scanner overcomes the disadvantage that the traditional scanner must open the book and lay it flat, without disassembling the book.

According to reports, in order to achieve the best printing state, the device has built-in software, which can scan and analyze, correct errors and synthesize two pictures. Finally, it can scan the pictures with the output pixel of 400 PPI, and convert the high-quality output results into e-books, PDF and other formats

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