What Influences the Color of the Projector

Most users will pay attention to the performance of the projector in color when they purchase the projector. When you buy a projector, you need to pay attention to several key parameters, such as brightness, resolution and contrast. These parameters largely determine the image performance ability of the projector. However, many friends realized that although the parameters of different brands of projectors are basically the same, most of them are quite different in color performance. So what influences the color of the projector?

First, the problem of light sources. Light bulbs are used in traditional projectors. The principle of light source of bulb is to electrify the bulb filled with rare gas, which can ionize the rare gas and generate visible light by high voltage discharge. This kind of high intensity gas discharge light source is not pure. There are a lot of messy light, which affects the color of the projection picture.

The impure light from the traditional light source affects the color performance of the projector.

Now there are many monochromatic light sources on the market. The principle is to mix the blue light source (LED or laser) with the Fluorescent Pink wheel to form "white light". But the performance of this white light is not as good as that of the three primary color light source. In addition, in order to improve performance, there are also two-color light sources, such as red laser plus blue laser. The color effect is much better than monochrome light source. Generally speaking, tricolor light source is the best, but the cost of monochromatic and bicolor light source is low.

With different color wheel structures, the color effect of projection image is different

Second, the problem of color wheel. Now, six segment color wheels are mostly used in the projectors on the market. Compared with the early three segment color wheel, the image color will be better. Although different projector products all adopt six segment color wheel, the color of the remaining three segment color wheel is different except RGB three segment. For example, some projectors add white segments to RGB tricolor wheel in order to improve the brightness of projection picture. In order to present a better color effect, some projectors use rgbrgb cycle color segment. What's more, the proportion of each color segment on the color wheel of different projector products is also different, and the image color presented when using is also different.

Adjustment method of color temperature and the brightness of the light source affects the color of the projector

Third, the adjustment of the projector's later software, such as the adjustment of color temperature and color accuracy. The color temperature of the projector is generally 6500k, because such a color temperature will not make the screen have too much color trend. If it is lower than 6500k, the color of the screen will be warmer, otherwise the screen will be cooler. In fact, the brightness of a projector light source has a great impact on the later adjustment of color temperature of the projector. The higher the brightness, the larger and more flexible the adjustable range of color temperature. For example, for the projector with traditional light source, it is easy to adjust the color temperature to 6500k for a brightness of 3000 lumens; for the projector with LED light source with lower brightness, the maximum brightness is 1000 lumens. For the effect of the picture, the color temperature usually reaches 890k or even higher.