Which Is Better, The High-Speed Camera Or The Scanner?

28.04.2020 0 iCODIS Official

In daily life and office, still many people do not know the difference between a high-speed camera and a scanner, which is better? What is the difference between a high-speed camera and a traditional scanner?

1. Comparison of the appearance of the high-speed camera and scanner
High-speed camera: Most high-speed cameras are designed to be portable, easy to carry, and overall look smaller, so they will not occupy too much position in daily life and office.

Scanner: Traditional scanners are bulky, need to occupy a large position and are difficult to carry.

2. Comparison of the functions of the high-speed camera and scanner
High-speed camera:
1. Take iCODIS high-speed camera as an example. The high-speed camera can scan rapidly for one second, and the scanning effect is sufficient for office and living needs;
2. Can scan three-dimensional objects, 3D objects, etc.; OCR recognition is supported. The scanned content can be converted into editable WORD documents and PDF files can be produced with one click;
3. Can flatten the curved surface, and can directly flatten the bent parts of books and materials;
4. Support secondary development of SDK, customized according to different professional requirements of enterprises or individuals, such as adding multiple functions like face recognition camera, second-generation ID card reader, fingerprint collector, IC card recognizer, microphone, etc;
5. Customize canned pictures with signature functions such as watermarking or adding electronic signatures. Scanned electronic documents can be directly classified to facilitate staff to store or search;
6. iCODIS high-speed camera is easy to operate. All functions can be completed with only a click of the mouse. Meanwhile, USB direct-connected computer settings are adopted with convenience and simplicity.

1. The scanner uses a closed light source to shoot, which can directly avoid the influence of strong light, while the high-speed camera is easily affected by strong light;
2. The scanner's shooting effect is clearer and the imaging effect is better than that of the high-speed camera, but the size of the picture taken is also much larger than that of the high-speed camera;
3. The traditional scanner can't shoot 3D objects and other physical objects;
4. The scanner does not have secondary development function, and cannot add expansion functions such as ID card reader like iCODIS high-speed camera;
5. Scanner operation is complex, which requires operating many times to get familiar with it;

3. Price comparison between high-speed camera and scanner.
High-speed camera: iCODIS high-speed camera has high-cost performance, and the high-speed camera with different prices has different pixels, different functions, and different performances. For example, the high-speed camera with 16 million pixels, face recognition camera, second-generation ID card reader, fingerprint collector, and other functions is also far cheaper than the scanner.
Scanners are expensive, ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands in size. Looking at the price alone, scanners cost a lot more than high-speed cameras.

4. Application field of high-speed camera and scanner
In modern society, be they enterprises, institutions, or government departments, they produce a large number of documents every day. What is more important is that most of the documents and materials must be kept for a long time, some even permanently, according to various regulations. Many of them have numerous documents and archives. If you want to use a conventional scanner, the workload and the required time are too much. If you use the iCODIS high-speed camera, you won't have this kind of trouble. One-second fast scanning, electronic document scanning, storage, and classification can solve this problem.

In the case of much scanning work, it is better to choose a high-speed camera. And it is also more economical than a high-speed scanner, but the imaging effect of the high-speed camera is worse than that of the high-speed scanner, but now the pixels of the high-speed camera is getting higher and higher, and this disadvantage is slowly fading, so more and more users have chosen an economical and applicable iCODIS high-speed camera.
The high-speed camera has been widely used in financial, insurance, securities, telecommunications, social security, public security, civil affairs, e-government, and other business windows. It is a new type of business window scanning equipment. iCODIS high-speed camera has high-cost performance and powerful functions.

Scanners are expensive, but the scanner effect is very clear. For enterprises that must have high-definition images, scanners are essential. However, if they only meet the needs of work and want to realize paperless office, iCODIS high-speed camera is the most valid choice!