Why Use A Scanner When Cell Phone Photography Can Solve the Problem?

With the increasing popularity of mobile phones, taking pictures instead of cameras, music playback functions instead of MP3s, and various scanning apps are emerging. The parameters and technology of mobile phone camera and scanning are getting higher and higher. Is it still necessary for a clunky and complicated scanner?
Whenever a new technical solution comes into being, it always conflicts with the old one.
Will the popularity of WeChat replace SMS? It won't. Although most people receive SMS verification codes, their formal security and uniqueness prevent them from being completely replaced.

Will the mobile app replace the scanner? It won't.
1) Scan quality. The scanning app solution is based on CMOS technology, which is the camera. The CMOS effect itself is not as good as the CCD, and the scanning effect of the App depends in part on the camera pixels of the mobile phone itself.
2) Professionalism. Many applications are now integrated on mobile phones, and a single mobile phone can meet many needs. However, we still consume cameras, MP3s, game consoles and other products to meet our more segmented needs. In more rigorous occasions, mobile phones cannot replace cameras, Meitu Xiuxiu cannot temporarily replace PS, and apps cannot replace scanners.
3) Application scenarios. In general, apps are mostly used by individuals. When we scan documents daily, such as small diaries, it is not necessary to purchase a scanner, and the App is sufficient. But the biggest market for scanners is at the corporate level. Can you imagine what it looks like to scan millions of documents with App in archives, libraries, banks, public security, procuratorates, courts, etc.? No matter how high my salary is, I've been holding my phone mechanically to scan, change files, and generate finished products ... I won't do it either.

The advantage of App is that it is portable and fast. It's great for personal use. However, it cannot always replace the scanner itself.