Why we digitalize documents?

Why Scan Documents?
Scanning software is software used for scanner imaging control. Friends who have used the scanner should know that under the premise of installing the scanner driver, they can be used in different software according to their own needs. Scanning software can provide high-quality image scanning, color balancing and correction functions, while increasing scanning speed and reducing costs. A scanner is an input device for a computer, and its role is to scan the written materials or physical appearance of pictures, photos, films, and document materials into the computer, and save them as files. In fact, the scanner has become the third most important computer input device after the keyboard and mouse. It is a relatively common electronic input device. It can scan our pictures, books, or shapes of objects, and then we can enter them into the computer well. This saves us a lot of trouble, and we don't have to take pictures and typing hard.
So why scan a document?
A scan is an electronic file that is scanned onto a computer by a paper document.
After scanning, it can be archived. If you want to use it later, you can quickly find it without having to find paper. This saves time, improves efficiency, and saves effort.
With smart OCR scanners, scanned documents could be better presented and can be edited, a great for massive scanning tasks.

.Scanned documents have the following advantages over paper documents:
1. It is convenient for transmission by e-mail etc.;
2. It is easy to copy;
3. It is easy to carry and can be carried by using a U disk or a network disk;
4. It can be printed into a paper file at any time.