Mobile projectors?

Mobile Projectors are the new sensation that is taking the technological world by storm. The reason for its increasing popularity is due to mobile projectors being multifaceted. The device is scalable as well as portable, which allows the user to make full use of the product. The technological world is heading towards a revolution where each device is becoming more portable. Thus, with the advent of mobile projectors, the projector world has been revolutionized. Projectors are used in every area of the world for various purposes, which include the office and at home. Though, their size has been a major concern for many years as a user n needs to have a fixed place in office or home to use the projector, however, mobile projectors are much smaller and easy to carry. Therefore, a person can use it on-the-go without any worries.

Not only the mobility but also the scalability of mobile projectors is unmatched. The user can project video content of any type with the aid of mobile projectors without any kind of barrier. Thus, it is easy to figure out why people would choose to buy a mobile projector over a large projector that has space issues with it. With the aid of mobile projectors, you can get rid of messy cables and bulky size of projectors along you more space for the other things in your household. iCodis is working on improving lives of human beings drastically by inventing new devices that have the potential to increase your comfort. Likewise, we have indulged our attention in making world’s best mobile projectors for the sake of our customers.

What is a Mobile Projector?

Mobile Projector is a small device which is a great alternative to large-sized projectors. Alongside the ability to project video content on a plain screen, it comes with many other attributes such as live streaming options and Android access. The functionality level of mobile projectors is always going to stay on the higher side so you can stream and project your favorite videos, music videos, TV shows on a larger screen. To put it simply, a home theatre experience awaits you whenever you use a mobile projector.

These devices have many other daily life uses. Their portability is the key here. Users can either watch a movie at home with friends or use it for practicing PowerPoint presentations for office purpose. Many offices have started using mobile projectors for presentations or even in meetings.  The sole aim of mobile projectors is to make your life better by offering you tons of features that can save you time, space and reduce the headache of carrying a large box with you every time while traveling.

Uses of Mobile Projectors

  • Portability

Portable and Wireless define our future. Portable devices like mobile projectors have a popular demand in the market due to their ability to fit in any kind of environment without requiring large space to setup. Mobile projectors eliminate the need for cables and large boxes saving a lot of space of the user and the time necessary to set up the projector.

  • Office Purpose

With the use of mobile projectors, an individual can rehearse presentations. It feels lovely to practice a few times before actually presenting the presentation. Mobile projectors help people in the rehearsing their presentations in any environment. Nonetheless, many offices have eliminated large-sized projectors from their conference rooms and switched to mobile projectors for saving space, making offices more tech savvy.

  • Living Previous Moments

Watching a video on a mobile phone or a laptop versus watching the same content on a big screen, who wins here? Definitely, the big screen option is more realistic. Mobile projectors have separate built-in storage where the user can store precious videos and live the moment again and again. For example, watching wedding videos on the big screen with the family is never going to be an issue for you anymore.

  • Watching Movies

No feeling in this world can match the fantastic time you spend with your family. Using mobile projectors, you can stream or project existing movies on a big screen and have a theatre-like experience in your very own home. The days of watching movies on TV are long gone. Step up your movie and improve the watching experience of you, your whole family and friends with the device that fits in your pocket.

  • Increase in Functionality

With reference to the context mentioned above, it is noted that mobile projectors can also stream video content via streaming services like YouTube. Moreover, they have a built-in Android interface that can run applications on the big screen. The functionality of mobile projectors that never fails to amaze the user.

  • Gaming

Only a gamer can understand the true fun of playing a game on a big screen. Gamers usually tend to buy larger TV sets just for the sake of playing games. Not only these sets are costly, but they eat a lot of space as well. Though, mobile projectors have resolved the space issues. Instead of buying a large TV set, buy a mobile projector and project the game content on a clear screen to enhance the gaming experience.

Technologies Used in Mobile Projectors

Out of these three technologies, iCodis uses DLP technology in its projectors. The company is putting in a lot of efforts to make lives of its customers more comfortable. iCodis considers your budgets and requirements beforehand. Using this planning structure, mobile projectors are developed. They contain various features that can prove to be very useful for the users. Out of many mobile projectors outlined by iCodis, we present you the top iCodis mobile projectors:

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