Safety Precaution for Ceiling Mount Projectors

Ceiling mount projector installation

If there’s the need of installing the projector on the ceiling, it is recommended to use the suitable installation kit, also make sure that the device has been correctly and securely installed. To avoid the safety risk, do pay full attention when matching different parts and the specification. A safety suspension cable would also provide additional protection, using the cable to connect the projector with the anti-theft lock slot and the ceiling mount bracket.

Please notice:

While installing projectors, need to pay attention to the installation environments. Do not place the projector in the following environments.
 Poorly ventilated room or narrow spaces. Keep the projector at least 50cm away from the wall and guarantee the air ventilation space. 
 Places where the temperature is too high, especially higher than 40 ° C / 104 ° F, for example, in the car with windows closed.
 Places with excessive humidity, dust or smoke. It can contaminate the optical elements, shorten the service life of projector and decrease the brightness.
• Do not block the ventilation hole. If the ventilation hole is blocked, the inside of the projector may overheat and cause the fire hazard.
• Do not place the projector on the blanket, bedding or other soft surfaces.
• Do not cover the projector with cloth or other objects while it’s operating.
• Do not expose the projector to any combustible materials.
• Do not use the projector when the left-right inclination angle is greater than 10 degrees or the front and back inclination angle is greater than 15 degrees. Do not vertically place the projector. When using the projector, the bulb may malfunction or get damaged if the projector is not completely horizontally placed.