Short Throw Projector

Technology is evolving day by day as we are heading towards the technological revolution. One of the recent examples of this fact is the emergence of Short Throw projectors. There is a reason why people say that you can’t predict the limitations of technology. We thought that Pico Projector is the limit to which a projector can evolve. However, technology has humiliated as well as amazed us with its new creation. Short Throw projectors are some amazing devices which can eliminate the space between a projector and a screen.

The Benefits of Short Throw Projector

There are many advantages of using a short throw projector. Let us list out someone of primary benefits of short throw projectors to know reasons why an individual should prefer short throw projectors over other projectors:

Space Saving

Space Saving is the most major benefit of the short throw projectors. This generation is cruising along a path of accepting that the smaller is the better. If a technology requires less space, then everyone is inclined towards buying it. Having a handy technology is always better, isn’t it? However, Short rooms are the victims of long throw projections. It’s close to impossible to use long throw projectors in tight areas. Well, this is where you won’t agree with the smaller is, the better saying. However, technology is known for being efficient. The value of an individual technology is analyzed by using what measures it can simplify lives of a human being. Short throw projectors can be used in tight areas. Let us just say it fits everywhere.

As the picture below indicates, projection principle requires an adequate distance between the device and the projection screen. In the case of Short Throw Projector,  the distance D could be much shorter than other LCD, DLP projectors, 0.5m distance for 100 inch projection, which is a big advantage.

 Projector Screen Geometry Throw Ratio

Picture credit: wikipedia commons

No Shadow Problem

It hurts to watch someone walk by while watching a movie doesn’t it? Everyone can relate to this fact. However, an efficient technology like short throw projectors can clear these distractions easily. As these projectors are placed close to the screen, a light beam is not projected on the screen. Yeah, this is the end of shadow puppet era. If you walk by a short throw projector, the shadow god will not come across anyone’s eye. Except for the disturbance in the view, you won’t face any other issue.

No Eye Problems

The light beam comes into play once again. As you can imagine, whenever a projector projects something on the screen, a light beam comes out of it. This light can have adverse effects on your eyes. Just ask an office guy about this issue, you will know everything. The light beam shines directly in the view of the person standing in front of the projectors. For individuals who have to explain a presentation on a big screen face these problems. These people are forced to stand in front of a projector with the light beam hindering their eyesight. However, short throw projectors completely eliminate this issue. The placement of short throw projectors allows it to cast the light beam on the big screen without affecting eyes of the presenter due to projection angle. A big relief to all people who have to present PPTs weekly!

The Applications of Short Throw Projector

Smaller Rooms

As long throw projectors cannot project content efficiently in smaller rooms, you can opt for short throw projectors. They have small throw ratios which eliminate the space issue. You can freely place your projector anywhere close to the screen, adjust the projection angle, and you are ready to go.


Employees have to present PPTs on a weekly or monthly basis. As it is stated in the benefits that short throw projectors clear the burning eyes as well as shadow issues, short throw projectors can be useful for office use. An employee can use a short throw projector for presentation purpose. The employee can explain the presentation in a better way using short throw projector.


Teachers have to stand and teach in the classroom. Initially, blackboards were used for teaching purpose. However, the wave of technology led to the fixation of projectors in classrooms. Projectors are generally for teaching nowadays. However, for a teacher to stand in front of the light beam of the projector for several hours could lead to eye issues. Also, the shadows could hinder concentration of students while learning. Short throw projectors eliminate these two underlying problems. Also, this is the main reason why short throw projectors are best suited for Classrooms.

To be more precise, a short throw projector is most fit to use in tight places. Actually, you can use it anywhere. However, it is most preferable to use short throw projectors in classrooms. These projectors have minimal short throw ratios. You can place a short throw projector anywhere close to the screen, and it will cast big images on the screen as the general projectors do. To avail users to take full advantage of these projectors, iCodis has devoted itself to making better short throw projectors. Short throw projectors have various benefits attached to their name. As they can make the environment better with reducing the extra space every projector requires to stay away from the screen, the functionality of projectors has increased rapidly due to these projectors.