5 Unique Ways to Use Your Mini Projector

Mini projectors have become a sensation lately. All thanks to the portability and incredible functionality of the projector, you can take it wherever you go without them occupying major space at all. From having a theater like an experience for watching movies to streaming YouTube videos on the big screen, there are many possible ways to use your mini projector. Showcasing the functionality of the device, we present you five unique ways to use your mini projector and make the most out of your device!

5 Unique Ways to Use Your Mini Projector

Whiteboard with Remote

Out of the many things you can do with your projector, you can also opt for creating an interactive whiteboard that could display a computer screen. The presenters can control the screen using a market or any other device using it. Whiteboard is generally used around the world for teaching purpose around the world. However, everyone knows how much expensive these boards can be. Though, now with a mini projector, an infrared LED light, and a Wiimote, create your very own whiteboard wherever you go without any complications at a relatively lower cost.

Musical Laser Light Show


Another unique thing that you can perform with your mini projector is coordinating a musical laser light show. Laser light shows are the highlight of many events. However, what if I tell you that you can save your valuable money that you invest in recreational events for watching laser light shows and instead eat a pizza using that money? Sounds good, however, how can you coordinate a laser light show using a mini projector? It’s actually simple; all you need to do is download a free open source software known as MusicBeam. Just download the software, and you can create a laser light show with any track with ease.

Paint a Mural Using Mini Projector

Painting on a wall is really cool. You have seen many great painters shocking the whole world with their talent. Their paintings are something that no one could ever draw. However, what if I tell that you can paint a mural, if not those colorful epic paintings, you can still paint an attractive mural on the wall with hundred percent accuracy. To your surprise, painting a mural is actually very easy. All you need to do is project a black and white version of an image on the wall where you want to paint a mural. After projecting it on the screen, trace over the lines of the image with the use of a pencil. Then, fill in the mural together by using paint. Ultimately, you’ll have a cool mural in your vicinity. Moreover, with the utilization of a mini projector, you can paint murals wherever you go easily.

Play Games King Size

Imagine playing a Need for Speed with your friends on a big screen where you feel like you and your friends are sitting in a theatre as if you own it. The theatre like gaming experience can increase your excitement and entirely change the whole atmosphere. Not only Need for Speed, but you can also play games like Fifa, Call of Duty and many other multiplayer games by projecting it on the big screen. Moreover, as you carry a mini projector with you that can be connected with a mobile phone as well, why not play Candy Crush on the big screen? The best part about this is that you can play whenever you want, wherever you want and have a king size experience every damn time.

Shadow Puppet Show

Enjoy playing with puppets? Then why not go ahead with the future and play with digital shadow puppets? The old traditional way of using the light to play with puppets is old fashioned now. Simply use your mini projector and project light on a flat screen with preferably a white background. Use this light emitted on the screen by the mini projectors to make shadow puppets with your hands. Having puppet fights was never so much cooler. Moreover, the main benefit of using this way of playing with shadow puppets is that you need not have a light every time you want to play this fun game. Just turn on your mini projector and you are all set to make shadow puppets and have adorable moments with your loved ones while playing with shadow puppets.

Ending Statement

Here we presented you the five unique ways of making the most out of your mini projector. However, the question remains that is this all that you can do with your mini projector? Is this the limit of your innovation? Absolutely not. You can do a lot of things using your mini projector. You can take it anywhere you want. As You have a lot of time to think about it. Make the most out of this amazing technology. Also, share your ideas with us in the comments section!