What to look into before buying a pico projector

Pico projectors have gained more popularity over the recent years with its portability and versatile appearances, a large number of pico projector manufacturers have also emerged. Faced with all these choices, what buyers should look into for pico projectors?

Support full HD

If you search for projectors on the shopping A site, probably this sentence would show up in the description section, ‘support 1080p’. Well, be careful with this line, supporting 1080p doesn’t mean the actual play effect is 1080p. The term we should focus on is ‘native resolution’. If its native resolution is 480p, for 720p/1080p video sources, the actual playback effect would still be 480p.

Take RD813 projctor as  an example, 1080p videos played via RD813 would still be 720p.

3D playback function

Some buyers require 3D function for more authentic watching experience. To meet this requirement, pico projector manufactures start to develop 3D functionality now, which is converted from 2D to 3D with the aid of 3D glasses.

Automatic keystone correction

Unlike traditional large-scale projectors, auto keystone correction is critical for pico projectors. Traditional large-scale projectors are installed in a fixed location, while mini, pico projectors can be carried anywhere you need. Auto keystone correction can simplify procedures of adjusting the placement, within the limited angle, the projected image won’t be compromised, which helps guarantee a decent playback effect. For all the mini projectors form iCODIS here, such as RD818, RD813, and G2 all have automatic keystone function.

Built-in battery

For the persistent use of projectors, built-in battery is important. Picture this: place the projector on a coffee table for your presentation without any wires, wouldn’t that be nice? 120 mins of battery life would be perfect for a trip or camping. Some prototypes like our G2, even can be used as a portable power bank to charge cellphones.

Heat dissipation capability

Select a model with superior heat dissipation capability, efficient heat dissipation can maintain the constant machine temperature and lower noise. For example, the internal heat dissipation structure of RD818 is well designed. The overall design reserves a lot of space for heat dissipation, its heat dissipation capability is far better than projectors within the same price range.

Bluetooth connection

It is also important to choose a pico projector with bluetooth connection. Buyers can connect with speakers without using any cables, which would be a great enhancement for the sound effect and the whole experience.


If you’re gonna carry the projector with you, either for business or for recreational use, better it has got a good design. In this sense, the choice is totally individual, there are already plenty good-looking models out there.


A variety of connection methods are also essential, select a projector with various input and output interfaces, which can support video streaming, movie watching, game playing, pc connection, etc.; the input includes HDMI, AV, VGA, USB, TF card. Basic connection as displayed in the pic.