Industry Demand Promotes the Rapid Development of High-speed Camera Scanner

26.11.2020 0 iCODIS Official

In recent years, the market demand for the high-speed camera scanner industry has continued to grow: the internationalization of the banking industry has accelerated; the digitalization of government documents has been popularized; smart education has been widely spread; medical documents have been reformed; the digital management of emerging industries such as express delivery industry has been continuously improved . Driven by the huge product demand in the industry market, the high-speed camera scanner market has shown explosive growth.

As a new high-tech product, it is not surprising that the high-speed camera scanner can flex its muscles in general office situations. But as long as you are attentive friends, you will find that high-speed camera scanners often appear in some special scenes. For example, in a hospital, when a patient registers a medical record, he will see a high-speed camera scanner at the window. In the traffic police detachment, the traffic police who used to be busy entering data are now using the high-speed camera scanner to easily take photos of documents. In a certain school, the teachers carrying lights to prepare lessons have disappeared. The high-speed camera scanner has entered the life of the teachers, and it is organizing the electronic courseware for the teachers for a day of teaching at a speed of thousands of times...

Unlike office products that are generally used for document shooting or scanning, the high-speed camera scanner occupies a small area. When not shooting, the high-speed camera scanner can be folded up, and the original shooting space can be used, which is much more flexible than ordinary scanners. This flexible operation makes the high-speed camera scanner popular in many small office environments.

Compared with ordinary scanners, the scanning speed of high speed camera scanner is more than ten times faster. In other words, the general scanner must take more than ten seconds to scan the text, and the high-speed camera scanner can be completed in less than one second, and it can be quickly saved to the computer. This feature of high-speed shooting and fast storage is very advantageous in many situations that require mass shooting. Let's imagine: there is always a long line at the registration window of the hospital, and the doctor needs to save the medical record of each patient and make it available to the attending doctor. If the doctor manually enters the information, there will be at least one minute for the operation, and after using the high-speed camera scanner, it only needs one tap to save the information in the computer. The attending doctor can check directly through the intranet system. After improving work efficiency in this way, patients will greatly reduce the waiting time. For doctors and patients, this is the best of both worlds.

In addition to the above advantages, the high-speed camera scanner has another advantage that must be mentioned, that is, saving resources. Anyone who knows the high-speed camera scanner will know that the high-speed camera scanner obtains power through the USB interface of the computer. The power consumption of the USB interface is one tenth of that of a normal AC powered scanner. In this way, after a long period of use, the energy saved by the high-speed camera scanner is considerable. In addition, the high-speed camera scanner can directly capture texts, and then perform network paperless faxing. Through the software that comes with the high-speed camera scanner, we can adjust the size and orientation of the picture, and print accurately, which can also reduce unnecessary paper waste... Although these bits and pieces are not very noticeable, they can still save a large part of resources every day. The concept of "green office" is now being advocated, and the high-speed camera scanner fits this popular trend very well.

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