10 Ways To Pick The Right Projector For You

Picking out the best projector can definitely become a headache for many. People usually think that going in a show room and browsing projectors at a time can be tiring as you don’t have enough knowledge about the topic. However, you need not worry about anything. Here we present you the ten best ways to pick the right projector for you:

Pick The Projector That Curbs Your Requirements

To be precise, there are three kinds of projectors in the market, namely Home Theater Projectors, Business Projectors and Pico Projectors. Home Theater Projectors usually project wider content and emphasize on image quality and high contrast as they are fit for in-home use. Business Projectors are meant for projecting ppts during Business Meetings and Conferences. On the other hand, we have Pico Projectors that are generally used for gaining portability as you can carry them wherever you go. Make a wise choice as per your requirements.

Pick The Projector Of The Right Type

The three most general types of projectors are DLP projectors, LCD projectors, and LCoS projectors. DLP projectors are lightweight and are good for having a smooth projection of video content that can project fast action scenes with ease. LCD projectors are generally brighter whereas LCoS usually cover everything.

Pick The Projector With Good Light Source

Projectors typically use a standard lamp, laser or LED for light projection. It is often recommended that you opt for LED projectors instead of ones with a standard lamp. The laser projectors are energy efficient and offer better outputs too, but still LED ones are safer for the eyes.

Pick The Projector With The Perfect Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio plays a significant role in achieving the drool-worthy picture quality of a good projector. You may find a lot of attractive projectors in the market. However, very few of them manage to project good quality video content on the big screen. Even though 4:3 projectors are cheaper, 16:9 are better for high picture quality.

Pick The Projector With The Right Resolutions

Yet again, the debate of getting high quality projected video content continues. The resolutions of the projector vary in accordance with aspect ratio. For 4:3, we have SVGA (800x600) and XGA (1024x768). On the other hand, for 16:9, we have standard HD (1280x720), WXGA (1280x800) and Full HD (1920x1080). 16:9 and Full HD make up for a great combination for achieving high quality projected video content.

Pick The Projector With The Good Brightness

Brightness plays a significant role in the projection of video content. A projector with good brightness can make up for a great video watching experience for the user. Remember that brighter the light, better the color. The vibrant color won’t impress you unless they are cast in a more colorful frame. Especially for business Projectors, you must have high brightness.

Pick The Projector With The Required Contrast Ratio

It is the difference between the darkest and brightest area of your projected video content. For getting better details out of your projected video content, a good projector must have defined contrast ratio that can highlight the presence of shadows, in turn, enhancing the picture quality. You’ll know the worth of contrast ratio mostly while projecting video content in darker rooms.

Pick The Projector With Excellence Throw Ratio & Lens Zoom

Throw ratio is critical at times when you are planning to mount the projector right as it decides how much wide image is going to be cast on the screens. In such cases, short throw projectors are the best as even if the projector is closer to the screen; a wide image will be cast on the screen. The lens zoom avails user to adjust the size of the screen which can help you out if you have a pico projector in your vicinity.

Pick The Projector With The Productive Connectivity Options

You might find the need of connecting external devices to your projector now and then. In such cases, you should have the productive ports that can avail you to connect external devices to your projector. Therefore, you must confirm that the projector has important ports such as USB port, HDMI port, VGA port, SD card slot and other ports that should be present for allowing you to connect the devices you own with the projector you’re about to buy.

Pick The Projector With Nice Features

Features such as Keystone Correction and Lens Shift might help you a lot in enhancing your experience while using a projector. These features will help you in deciding the screen orientation and adjust the image on projectors with ease. In addition to these, you can also opt for projectors that support 3D technology as in the end having a good experience while using your projector is all that actually matters. Wireless projectors and adapters are a good option as well.

This is it for now. Have a fun time choosing the right projector for you!