A Guide for Choosing Projectors: Beware of Three Pitfalls

21.10.2020 0 iCODIS Official

With the upgrading of home entertainment gameplay, the smart projection market is ushering in an explosive period. Many users are also curious about new species such as projection products. In the face of the projection market where good and bad products intermingled, how should novice users beware of the pitfalls buried by the merchants and purchase qualified products? Today, iCODIS will talk to you about three giant pitfalls that you have to avoid before buying a projector!

  1. A Pitfall of Brightness

The confusion of the concept of brightness is common in the projector market, especially in projector products which cost around one thousand yuan, whose brightness are three to five thousand lumens or even nearly ten thousand lumens, such as a high lumen led projector, convincing many consumers. Consumers who are more attentive may notice that these large brightness often refer to bulb lumens or light source lumens, which is completely different from the ANSI lumens recognized in the industry. Merchants use high numbers to stimulate consumer consumption, which is suspected of deliberately confusing concepts.

  1. A Pitfall of Resolution

The projection resolution is one of the most concerned issues for consumers, and it is also another ideal point for merchants to confuse their concepts. Sometimes they do not clearly indicate the product resolution in the promotion, but use "support 1080P video" "support 4K decoding" and other methods to mix the "genuine" with the genuine. Users must look for the "standard physical resolution" on the product details page when purchasing. Of course, some merchants will falsely mark the resolution, which requires users to have more professional knowledge, such as viewing DMD chips.

  1. A Pitfall of Heat Dissipation

Many users often encounter such a problem: After the projector is purchased and played normally for a period of time, the picture will be blurred, and it can be watched normally after refocusing. The main reason for this problem is the poor heat dissipation of the machine. The lens position shifts due to thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in virtual focus. At this time, a good cooling system and glass lenses are crucial.

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