Analysis of The Difference Between High-Speed Camera And Scanner

12.05.2020 0 iCODIS Official

What is a high-speed camera scanner? A high-speed camera is a kind of equipment used in educational institutions, which can be used for preparing lessons. A high-speed camera is a piece of ultra-portable office equipment, which belongs to low-carbon office equipment. The high-speed camera can be used to scan characters and images and can convert pictures and texts. The camera can also take photos and copy documents. Do you know what's the difference between a high-speed camera and a scanner? Which is better, a high-speed camera or a scanner?

Introduction of high-speed camera and scanner

The high-speed camera is a folding type of high-speed scanning equipment. It can recognize characters, convert pictures and texts, edit word documents, copy, take photos, and record videos. It has many functions. The scanner is a kind of equipment that uses photoelectric technology and digital processing technology. It can only carry out the graphic conversion, and it is a kind of equipment that can only use digital signals. Scanners are classified into drum scanners, portable scanners, and flat scanners. Scanners are bulky and cannot be carried around. The speed of operation is not as fast as that of the high-speed camera. Generally speaking, the high-speed camera is a multifunctional scanner.

The high-speed camera is a very mini scanning device, which can scan a variety of information and has rich functions. Many people do not know what is the difference between a high-speed camera and a scanner, and the two are obviously different in size. The high-speed camera is a kind of ultra-light equipment that can be carried around, while the scanner can only be fixed in a certain place and is not suitable for movement. I believe many people who went to school have seen a high-speed camera, which is generally used to scan teaching contents and belongs to teaching equipment.

The difference between a high-speed camera and a scanner

1. Size: Compared with scanners, high-speed cameras are small and portable, and some models can be carried around.
2. Speed: Scanners generally need to be warmed up, while high-speed cameras do not, so scanning speed is faster.
3. Some differences in functions

(1)The camera can recognize OCR characters;
(2)SDK secondary development package for high-speed camera;
(3)Automatic edge searching can be carried out during scanning;
(4)The image merging function combines two pictures together;
(5)Removing the ash can keep the document clean and tidy;
(6)PDF conversion;
(7)Customizable picture watermarking.

Which is better, a high-speed camera or a scanner?

Traditional scanners are generally bulky and inconvenient to carry. In the process of use, the scanning operation is inconvenient or the scanning speed is slow due to different situations such as file size, paper thickness, etc. Moreover, the traditional scanner can only scan flat files and cannot scan solid objects. The high-speed camera breaks through the limitation of traditional scanning, combines the purposes of copying, projection, scanning, photographing, fax, mail, and the like, has faster scanning speed than the traditional scanner, can be folded, and is convenient to carry. A single machine can handle all kinds of daily and commercial affairs and improve efficiency.