Application and Composition of Scanner

05.08.2020 0 iCODIS Official
  1. Usage of Scanners

1.1 Fine arts and pictures can be organized in documents;

1.2 It can scan and input the printed text into the word processing software to avoid the trouble of typing again;

1.3 The printed plate and panel label samples (even if the plate has no disk files and no photographic films) are scanned and recorded into the computer, which can design and copy the wiring diagram of the plate, thus solving the problem of plate making and improving the plate making efficiency;

1.4 It can realize automatic input and editing of PCB sketches, automatic input of Chinese character panels and complex icons, and modification of pictures;

1.5 It can add images to multimedia products;

1.6 It can integrate visual information in the literature to enable it to exchange and communicate more effectively.

  1. The effective components of scanning, in addition to the scanner in the scanning system, consist of the following components:

The SCSI signal line connecting the scanner and the computer( usually USB).

The software that controls the scanner (the bridge between the scanner and the application program).

Image editing software, optical file recognition software, and printed board graphics automatic recognition software, etc.

A display for color or gray images.

Output equipment: black and white or color laser printer, thermal dye sublimation, graphic output machine, or other color printing equipment.

In addition to the above basic components, it can also be matched with the following additional equipment to endow it with more functions.

Transmission adapter (TMA) is used to scan transparent film material.

The Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) can automatically scan up to 500 pages of text material continuously.

  1. Market demand

The scanner is a fully competitive industry regulated by the market. After years of development, the brand of the whole industry is flourishing. The force of product price above the middle end is weakened. Users pay more attention to product function, quality, and service. In the future, high-end scanner products of enterprises can be expected for better market performance.

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