Book Scanner: You Can Enjoy the "Golden House" in Books

03.03.2021 0 iCODIS Official

I. The book scanner solves the problem of scanning books

How to obtain the desired results from scanning books is actually a difficult problem. The current problems are that books and periodicals are not flat when unfolded, and they are easily deformed when scanned. Ordinary manuals can be disassembled and ordered for single-page scanning, while the cost of disassembling officially published books or precious collections is too high. For the needs of scanning books and periodicals, it is recommended to use a book scanner, which can automatically generate flat pages without disassembling and binding scanning and can also perform many optimizations when scanning thick books.

II. Features of the book scanner

Books are an effective way for human beings to acquire knowledge, and at the same time they also allow people to sublimate and enrich themselves, so they have become more and more indispensable. However, with the development of electronics, traditional books can no longer meet people's needs better, and at the same time, they can't be preserved intact, so book scanners came into operation. The advanced non-disassembly and binding function of the book scanner and its intelligent image processing function allow more users to experience the power of technology and also allow more related workers and even enthusiasts who deal with books to obtain a better experience. At the same time, history and culture can be better preserved.

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