Buy One Projector and Magnify the Recreation

03.09.2020 0 iCODIS Official

In the case where the pandemic may coexist with humans for a short period of time, the future social queen will emerge from the crowd with projectors-"Will you come to my house to watch movies, sing or play games?"

If your impression of the projector still stays at "turn off the lights and watch the slides in class", then it is necessary for the mini home projector to open the door to modern technology for you.

A projector that transforms from decay into magic makes people re-experience the smell of birds and flowers in life. You can hold Coke in your left hand and fried chicken in your right hand, kick off your slippers, and lie down on the bed. The light of science and technology is emitted from the projector, and the ambiguous picture appears on the plain white wall. You open the happy gate of secretion of dopamine in your brain with one click. What! The fatigue of the day is healed at this moment!

Buy One Projector and Magnify the Recreation

You can use it to track the latest movies, TV series and variety shows online in real-time. You can also broadcast your downloaded film. A glass of martini goes well with a nostalgic old movie. When friends come to the party, the projector can be connected to the Bluetooth of the mobile phone with one click, and a high song can be played; when the parents are addicted and want to roar, they can call up the KTV mode as a singing room; for families with children, children can use it to take online classes without having to stare at the computer.

Open the "Legend of Zelda" after connecting the switch, and see Link's figure climbing the cliff on the mainland of Hailar, and countless non-outdoorsy people were moved to tear by the sudden happiness. They touched the smooth shell of the projector, like a king playing with his scepter.

Like choosing a boyfriend you should choose a versatile type that can write a love letter and fight a rogue, the interface of the projector is also recommended to choose USB2.0, USB3.0, portable HDMI projector.

When others' homes are full of home appliances such as DVD players, set-top boxes, stereos, and smart speakers, you can hold a projector and you can seduce the heroes-different interfaces that can be connected to a computer, tablet, U disk, or game console. This is a money-saving trick for a home expert. As long as there is a white wall at home, you can summon the projector to come out and show your magical powers.

Buy One Projector and Magnify the Recreation

Whether a certain high-tech item can be fired does not depend on whether the technology is cool, but whether the laziest group of people can experience convenience.

The pivoting function of the projector allows the body to rotate freely without affecting the projection imaging effect-this is a privilege that can be used to chase dramas in any position in any corner of the home.

Being tired after a long time sitting and lying down directly on the spot, then projecting a large block of sense on the ceiling; you can even put the projector into the bathroom, take a bath, watch the film and drink red wine. This is so cool.

If you put a projector on the bedside table, you can project a hundred-inch large screen toward the wall at the end of the bed, and the bedroom becomes a movie theater in seconds. At night, when you feel sleepy, the projector's rotation function can directly project the picture on the ceiling (the projector supports a maximum 90-degree projection).

Arms used to watch dramas with cell phones can be sore, and chargers limit postures to watch dramas. But a projector that lets you lie down to watch live broadcasts or movies and shut down regularly, is like timely rain landing on the ground in a lazy house.

"No blind angles" can not only mean beautiful girls but also projectors with "trapezoidal correction function". If you put a normal projector on the bedside table, an oblique trapezoid will appear on the wall. If you want to see a square picture, you have to place it properly. Fortunately, the "automatic trapezoidal correction function" is kind to lazy people. Even if you put it around randomly, such as diagonally, crookedly, sideways, and upwards, the picture will automatically adjust to the square shape without distortion.

You just need to lie down like an emperor and wait for the projector to automatically correct the picture and play a clear blockbuster.

In addition, many people can change the stereotype that the projector needs to focus on repeatedly. No need to bother you to squat in front of the machine to manually adjust the focus. Global autofocus has prepared everything briskly.