Collection Appreciation: The High-speed Photographic Apparatus Display its Skill to the Full

09.10.2020 0 OfficialiCODIS

There are three main types of carriers of a country, a nation, a society, and even the historical information of all mankind. The first category is character, including documents, books, and seals; it can directly record history. The second category is physical objects. This category is large in number and diverse in variety, from which a large amount of historical information can be mined. The third category is spiritual inheritance, such as morality, religion, language, art, and craftsmanship.All of these constitute traditional culture. And the collection and appreciation of items has always been popular.

Appreciation of collection is people's understanding, feeling and evaluation of the image of the collection, which covers a wide range of fields. And the methods of appreciation are various, which is a manifestation of the cognitive, educational and notarization functions of objects. Using iCODIS high speed camera scanner to scan or record information on jewellery, jade, gold and silver coins, calligraphy and painting books, antique stones and others can play the following roles:

  1. Classification

Divide the mixed items into mutually exclusive categories for research, storage and appreciation.

  1. Comparison

Comparison is a commonly used method for collection identification. It can be concluded that, based on the similarities in certain features between two or several collections, two or several collections are similar in other features by using this method. For example, shapes, patterns, inscriptions, and ink are all similarities that are often found in comparison.

  1. Identification

In fact, it is the analysis and synthesis of the collection. A collection has a unity of diversity (shape, decoration, texture, etc.). If this cultural relic is not divided into several components and factors for analysis, it will be impossible to recognize this collection.

Practice has shown that the iCODIS scanner has played a helpful role in the identification and appreciation of cultural relics and artworks. It allows people to further feel, experience, associate, analyze and judge the collection. People can give appraisal while gaining aesthetic enjoyment.

The high-speed photographic apparatus of iCODIS not only helps collection appreciation, but also has the following features:

(1) Scanning, uploading,identifying or converting can be finished within 1 second;

(2) USB interface, low-voltage power supply,low-carbon and environmental protection;

(3) Unique and super convenient folding design, full series of high-definition and high-speed scanning;

(4)  OCR text recognition function, which can recognize and convert scanned images into editable three formats including word;

(5) Capable of taking pictures, videos, copy, network paperless fax and other operations;

(6) Super powerful image processing function;

(7)  Applications such as document scanning, PDF conversion, physical shooting, video display, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, barcode recognition, two-dimensional code recognition, IC card and magnetic stripe card integration, seal comparison, audio and video recording;

(8) Provide post-development and system integration application support.