Definition and Benefits of High-speed Photographic Apparatus

15.09.2020 0 iCODIS Official

In the past, many office workers, companies and government officials asked: "are there any equipment that can improve office efficiency? Are there equipment that can achieve a low-carbon and environmentally friendly office paperless office?" In the current society, there will definitely be a corresponding solution when there is a demand. I believe everyone now knows that this solution is a high-speed photographic apparatus!

The high-speed photographic apparatus, also known as high speed camera scanner, is a newly developed ultra-portable low-carbon office appliance and an innovative product in the office field. The ultra-convenient design of the foldable high-speed photographic apparatus can complete high-speed scanning in one second. It has a 500/100/16 million-pixel camera with OCR text recognition function, which can recognize and convert scanned images into editable word documents. It can also take pictures, video, copy, network paperless fax, make e-books, and cut edges and straighten. Its perfect solution makes office easier, faster, and more environmentally friendly (iCODIS believes that as long as people who have used it can prove that the above is true). So what exactly is a high-speed photographic apparatus? What's it for? Please listen to me carefully.

Definition and Benefits of High-speed Photographic Apparatus

1. What is a high-speed photographic apparatus?

In our work and life, traditional scanners take more than 10 seconds to scan a document. And when inputting a large number of documents and relatively worn paper, ordinary scanners are useless. Because it is slow and the worn-out paper cannot automatically feed, so there is a way to take a document with a digital camera and upload it to a computer. In view of this concept, the high-speed photographic apparatus was born. It is a scanner that can use this principle to directly shoot document documents and real objects at high speed and save them directly in the computer to ensure good clarity, rich colors and no distortion.

2. What are the benefits of high-speed photographic apparatus?

The staff can focus on their work without wasting the large amount of time in waiting for scanning and manual operation that traditional scanners consume. Because the current high-speed photographic apparatus all have the function of 1 second high-speed scanning, it greatly improves the work efficiency.

More efficient work process speed translates into faster response time to business opportunities, while speeding up the work process cycle and eliminating the time delay between the steps of the work process.

The high speed camera scanner strengthens the ability to control documents, realizes the digitization of documents, reduces the risk of document loss or damage, and supports multi-party sharing of documents. This is based on the concept of paperless office, low carbon and environmental protection!

The high-speed photographic apparatus can also save the space occupied by paper documents, thereby reducing or eliminating the space occupied by storage equipment and cabinets, microfilm.

Finally, the high-speed photographic apparatus is easy to carry, which solves the inconvenience sometimes when going out. Most high-speed photographic apparatuses have a folding function.