Difference between A High-speed Photographic Apparatus and A Scanner

23.10.2020 0 iCODIS Official

The high-speed photographic apparatus is a new equipment in office, education and other fields. Many people say that the high-speed photographic apparatus is actually used to scan documents, and some people say that it is actually an upgraded version of the scanner. Anyway, there are various statements. Today, iCODIS is here to tell you what a high-speed photographic apparatus is, and the difference between a high-speed photographic apparatus and a scanner.

  1. What is a high-speed photographic apparatus?

The high-speed photographic apparatus can be used in a wide range of fields, and its functions are much more powerful than ordinary scanners. For example, in the office field, it can be used to scan, as a OCR document scanner, perform OCR text recognition, convert paper documents into electronic versions of Word and other format documents, and shoot videos. In the field of education, it can be used to scan books to achieve the purpose of scanning without disassembling and binding, and it can also realize electronic test papers, electronic management of student information files and so on. In the financial field, it can be used for image capture, electronic ticketing, image archiving, video and audio recording. It can also be applied in the government, enterprises, institutions, communications industry and other fields.

  1. What is the difference between a high-speed photographic apparatus and a scanner?

First, the appearance of a high-speed photographic apparatus is different from that of a scanner. Viewed from the outside of the high-speed photographic apparatus, it is portable, which does not occupy too much space in daily work, and it is very convenient and simple to use. On the contrary, everyone knows that scanners take up more space and are inconvenient to carry and use.

In terms of price, high-speed photographic apparatus is cheaper than a scanner. The price of high-speed photographic apparatus generally ranges from a few hundred to several thousand, whose different prices have different pixels and functions. However, the price of a slightly better scanner is already tens of thousands.

Second, the high speed camera scanner has rich functions. It can meet different office needs in different fields, but the function of the scanner is relatively single. Next, iCODIS high-speed photographic apparatus will specifically explain the specific functional differences between the scanner and the high-speed photographic apparatus.

(1) The high-speed photographic apparatus has a fast scanning speed. It can basically complete the scanning in 1 second, while the scanning time of the scanner is relatively long.

(2) The high-speed photographic apparatus can realize OCR text recognition for scanning documents, and convert paper documents into electronic documents, which could edit word format, PDF format and various image formats. The format that the scanner can convert is relatively simple and usually can only be converted into a picture format.

(3) The high-speed photographic apparatus can scan three-dimensional objects and books. For example, it can scan books without disassembling and binding, and it can also scan physical objects such as coffee cups and staplers. But the scanner can only scan paper documents.

(4) The high-speed camera scanner can realize video and audio recording, and is widely used in education and finance. Usually, the scanner can only scan.

(5) The high-speed photographic apparatus can have the functions of biological intelligent recognition, face comparison, recognition of certificates and cards, and is widely used in government offices, banks, insurance and other industries.

Of course, the high-speed photographic apparatus has lots of other functions, I will not introduce them one by one. Speaking of this, many people may also have questions: Since the high-speed photographic apparatus is so good, why are so many people using scanners? In fact, the scanner also has an advantage, that is, the imaging effect of the scanner is clearer than that of the high-speed photographic apparatus.


The high-speed photographic apparatus and scanner each has its own advantages. In general, the high-speed photographic apparatus has more functions, more application contexts, and much cheaper price. The function of the scanner is relatively single but the image quality is relatively clear. But with the complexity and diversity of office applications in the future, the prospects of high-speed photographic apparatus will be much better than that of scanners.