Features and Functions of High-speed Photographic Apparatus

22.09.2020 0 OfficialiCODIS

Features of High-speed Photographic Apparatus

  1. It is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, diverse in appearance, small in size, easy to carry, and especially suitable for mobile office; it is only 1/10 of the ordinary scanner in size.
  2. It can scan documents within A3 to the computer in one second, which greatly improves office efficiency and reduces office hours.
  3. It can be used for physical display and record audio DV images.
  4. The photographed document can be directly printed 1:1, replacing the photocopier.
  5. It can perform OCR recognition on the pictures taken, convert the pictures into WORD editable documents, and automatically typeset.
  6. It incorporates paperless fax technology; even if there is no fax machine, it can still send faxes, which significantly improves fax efficiency.
  7. It can directly E-Mail books, magazines, contracts and other documents, saving time and effort.
  8. It is convenient to carry; undoubtedly, the foldable high-speed photographic apparatus can be carried around.

Functions of High-speed Photographic Apparatus

  1. Document scanning

The transmission speed of the high speed scanner adopting the USB2.0 interface can reach 480Mbps; the transmission speed of the high-speed photographic apparatus adopting the USB3.0 interface can reach 5Gb/s. 200\300\500\1000\1400\16 million pixel sensor is equipped with 300\500\800\1000\1400\16 million high-definition lens to provide high-quality scanning. Its maximum scan size can reach A3 format. Whether it is color books, bills, ID cards, or manuscript files, you can easily obtain JPG or set format files and save them on your computer.

  1. Make an e-book

By shooting the book, it is automatically organized into an e-book in PDF file format. It is stored in hard disk for easy storage and transmission.

  1. Physical shooting

By folding the product, it is convenient to shoot physical objects, including people and objects and save their data. At the same time, continuous shooting can be performed, and the time interval can be set by yourself.

  1. Video recording

The high-speed photographic apparatus provides real-time DV recording function. The operation is simple, the recording quality is high, and the recording time can be set according to the size of the hard disk.

  1. HD million video camera

In online video, it provides smooth high-definition pictures just like a high speed camera scanner.

  1. Make a signature

With a high-speed photographic apparatus, you can make your own handwritten signature and extract the name. In future electronic documents, you only need to paste the name on the document to realize direct autograph, fax and document printing.

  1. Physical projector

The high-speed photographic apparatus has a movable structure, which can take pictures of any object in the space, and finally display it on the computer screen, which can be directly projected on the screen with a projector.

  1. Copy fax mail

Image files such as paper documents and objects can be quickly obtained, and can be printed in real time by a black-and-white or color printer, or sent directly by network fax.