File Scanner - Convenient High-Speed Multifunctional Photographer Digitizes Documents

18.06.2020 0 iCODIS Official
  1. Product description of a document scanner

The document shooting instrument is a convenient high-speed multifunctional shooting instrument. Whether it is a paper document, a colored picture, or a three-dimensional object, it can easily shoot it and store the shot pictures in real-time. It is not only more efficient than traditional scanners but also has more functions and uses. The document shooting instrument adopts unique foldable design, with a simple, beautiful, noble, and stable appearance. When photographing a document or an object, the document or the object does not need to be contacted with the document photographing instrument, so the paper jam afflicting the traditional scanner does not occur.

With a document camera, you can acquire image data at will. Fast and high-quality document image acquisition can meet your requirements for document digitization.

. Main functions of a document scanner

  1. File shooting and storage

Like the traditional scanner, the document camera can collect documents. However, the document shooting instrument has more functions than the traditional scanner, because it can not only shoot paper data, but also shoot real objects, and the acquisition speed is much higher than the traditional scanner.

  1. Copier function

What you see is what you get. Quickly copy real images. The document camera software provides the function of quickly printing and previewing the images in the video and can choose to store or not to store the copied data, thus saving space and time, eliminating the need to purchase an expensive copier, greatly saving office costs and improving your office efficiency.

  1. Fax machine function

Images and documents captured by the document camera can be quickly faxed to the destination via internet fax, without purchasing expensive fax machines, or you can fax via traditional fax machines.

  1. Real projector function

The document shooting instrument can be used as a physical video display table and can be matched with a projector to bring convenience to you and save your cost and time, whether in teaching, meeting, displaying products, and other occasions.

  1. Real shooting function

The document camera provides you with the function of taking pictures in real objects without purchasing expensive digital cameras. No matter it is taken manually or at regular intervals, continuous shooting can take excellent and stable high-quality digital photos.

  1. OCR function

It can convert the text in the captured document into an editable WORD-format.

7. Books remaking

Using a document camera can easily capture and store bound books, contracts, books, magazines, and the like, overcoming the defects of the traditional scanner- low speed and difficulty in processing bound books.


Ⅲ. Product characteristics of a document scanner

  1. Real-time display and acquisition of high pixel images
  2. Image storage format: JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, PDF, etc.
  3. Image file management: Files can be named by date and time or by increasing the serial number.
  4. It is fast, just like the high speed ocr scanner.
  5. Fixed shooting distance and angle ensure clear imaging.
  6. The product is foldable, small in size, light in weight, and convenient to carry.
  7. Power supply by USB, no need for special power supply.
  8. As a convenient camera, it can scan paper documents or other objects quickly and digitally with a notebook computer.
  9. As a camera, it can take video.
  10. It cooperates with computers and printers to realize copy function.