Five Key Points to Help You Choose the High-Speed Scanner You Want

11.06.2020 0 iCODIS Official

High-speed scanners bring great convenience to our life, helping us deal with things more efficiently in our work. When we buy high-speed scanners, we will certainly be confused. A variety of high-speed scanners on the market, which one is better? We can purchase by checking the scanner's scanning width, scanning speed, image output, image enhancement, and paper thickness range.

How to choose a high speed scanner


  1. Scanning width

The maximum scanning width of the high-speed scanner is generally divided into A3 and A4 (backwards compatibility, the high speed camera scanner can scan paper of business card size with the minimum width). The A3-format high-speed scanner is much more expensive than the A4-format high-speed scanner, so it is necessary to select according to theoretical application. Assuming that the documents to be scanned are basically A4-format, considering from the price, it is possible to select the A4-format scanner. Assuming that the documents to be scanned has more A3-format ones, it is only necessary to select the A3-format machine.

  1. Scanning speed

The scanning speed of a high-speed scanner is generally between 20 pages to 100 pages per minute, but in terms of price, the increase in every 10 pages of scanning speed increases the price of the machine a lot. Therefore, it is necessary to choose according to practical application, and make an approximate calculation with the amount of scanning required by each machine every day.

  1. Image output

High-speed scanner image output is generally divided into two categories: colored output(including color, gray scale, black and white) and BW output(including gray scale, black and white). Colored machine is more expensive than BW machine under the condition that other parameters are not fundamentally different, so it needs to be selected according to actual use. If the required scanned documents only need black and white images to be saved, it is sufficient to select a black and white scanner. If it is necessary to stick to the original color of the file (e.g. red header files, fresh stamps, etc.), just choose a colored scanner. Colored pictures usually take up a lot of storage space, so you need to think about storage problems. In order to reduce the storage pressure and realize transmit reading more quickly in the network, even if you choose a colored high-speed scanner, you must see whether the scanner can automatically recognize color and black and white.

In addition, checking whether the high-speed scanner can have MultiStream TM dual data stream output (black and white & color, black and white & gray), this function is very useful in the application of full-text retrieval of archives. Scanning can simultaneously output a black and white image and a color or gray image, the black and white image is used for identification, and the color or gray image is used for archiving.

  1. Image enhancement processing
To buy portable scanner, it is necessary to see whether the high-speed scanner can meet the requirements in image enhancement processing, such as automatic cutting, deviation correction, black edge removal, multi-color filtering, automatic identification of color/black and white originals, etc. Special attention should be paid to the image quality. The image quality obtained by setting the same parameters on different brands of machines is different. Of course, the image quality is better. Welcome to ICODIS to purchase high-quality scanners.
  1. Paper thickness range

This parameter represents the machine's paper passing ability. The larger the range is, the better the compliance to paper is.

In short, the selection of high speed scanner should first be based on the breadth required for practical application, and then select the machine with appropriate speed (based on the measurement of scanning amount to be completed every day). The paper feeding structure of the machine and the daily disposal amount and machine attention amount recommended by the manufacturer are relatively important parameters, which can fundamentally and simply determine the stability, failure rate and durability of the machine. Last but not least, the confirmation card and after-sales service guarantee required when purchasing the high-speed scanner are the combination of electronics and machinery because the high-speed scanner is different from other common electronic products. After-sales service guarantee is required to ensure that your work will not be affected.