Four Methods to Quickly Scan Paper Documents into PDF Format

10.09.2020 0 OfficialiCODIS

In daily office applications, many people need to scan paper documents into pdf format. For example, in office scenarios such as bidding project declarations, scientific research papers, and party and government offices, paper documents are scanned into pdfs. If it is a small number of single-page files, you can use the mobile phone software to convert. However, when hundreds of thousands of paper documents need to be converted to PDF, it needs more efficient and convenient equipment to complete. The equipment can not only save labor and financial costs, but also quickly and accurately scan paper documents into PDF documents. iCODIS provides four methods for scanning paper documents to PDF for everyone to use. These four methods cover almost all the usage scenarios of scanning paper documents into PDF. We hope to help everyone!

The first method

The first method is the most effective method. That is, the iCODIS high speed scanner is used to batch process files. The reason why it is the most effective method is that it can process documents in batches, which is accurate, efficient and convenient. Dozens of paper documents can be converted to pdf format in one minute. It is very suitable for the units and individuals who work in the Party and government offices and have a lot of documents to deal with.

The method and flow of using iCODIS high-speed photographic apparatus is also very simple. First, download and install the software supporting the product. Usually, the products are equipped with software download addresses and attached CDs when they leave the factory. You can also log in to to consult customer service to download and install. When converting, place the paper file under the lens of the iCODIS high-speed photographic apparatus. The lens will automatically focus. Click the camera function on the software. After clicking Convert document to pdf format, the conversion of a document is completed. The whole process is completed in 3 seconds, and then you can scan and convert the second document.

The second method

This method is to use the mobile phone to download software with a scanning function. However, this type of software is relatively slow and the photo documents will also be deformed, which is suitable for the processing of small documents with less demanding requirements. You can download a software with scanning function in the mobile phone application market. When in use, open the software to control the scope of the photo, then click the photo button, and finally press the lower right corner to confirm. At this time, the software will automatically generate a pdf format, but it is slightly deformed.

The third method

The third method is to use a traditional scanner. The advantage of this method is that the converted PDF document has good effect, but the disadvantage is that it is more time-consuming and laborious. During the conversion process, you need to put the paper document in the scanner, and then go to the computer to perform the scan conversion operation. There are some powerful pdf document scanner that can directly scan and convert to PDF document format. Some can only be scanned into a picture first and then converted into a pdf document through the office software. Although this method is more time-consuming and more labor-intensive, it is more suitable for groups that require less conversion results for documents.

Four Methods to Quickly Scan Paper Documents into PDF Format

The fourth method

This method is similar to the second method by using the mobile phone's own software for document processing. But there is no need to download the software, directly use the OCR office identification function that comes with the phone. Both Huawei and Xiaomi phones have these features. The method of use is similar to the second method, so I will not elaborate here.

The above four methods can solve the need of how to scan paper documents into pdf format in office applications. The first method takes into account both the scanning quality and the scanning speed, and has a slight advantage over other methods. It is recommended that people who need to convert a large number of documents to pdf format and those who have high requirements for document quality use iCODIS high-speed photographic apparatus for scanning. Just a small number of documents and those who do not have high requirements for document quality satisfy easily through using the mobile phone software to convert. Hope that the four methods of scanning paper documents in pdf will be helpful to you!