Functions and Characteristics of High-Speed Camera

16.06.2020 0 iCODIS Official

What are the functions of the high-speed camera? What are the characteristics of it? The high-speed camera is a digital input device that can capture pictures quickly and convert them into data that can be displayed, edited, stored and output by a computer. It is an innovative product. Compared with traditional scanner equipment, it has a folding ultra-convenient design and can complete one-second high-speed capture of image.

Product characteristics of high-speed camera

(1) Folding design;

(2) Being very convenient to use - one click, done;

(3) Being able to shoot all kinds of bound books, account books and three-dimensional objects;

(4) Being extremely cost-effective;

(5) Fast shooting and preservation in one second;

(6) OCR recognition, conversion to Word, Excel, PDF format;

(7) Direct power supply by USB, low carbon, safe and energy saving.

Product function of high-speed camera

  1. File scanning

The high speed camera scanner uses USB2.0 interface( transmission speed is up to 480Mbps), sensors with 2m pixels, 3m pixels and 5m pixels and high-definition lenses of 3m, 5m,8m pixels. It can provide high-quality scanning, with the maximum scanning size of A3 format. Whether it is a color book, a bill ID card or a manuscript file, it can be stored into computer as a JPG or a set format file.

  1. Electronic books making

By shooting the pages of books, they are automatically organized into an electronic book in PDF file format, which is stored on the hard disk for convenient storage and transmission.

  1. Real shooting

By folding the product, it is convenient to take pictures of real objects, including people, objects, etc., and save the data. At the same time, continuous shooting can be carried out, and the time interval can be set by itself.

  1. Video recording

Fast video recorder provides real-time DV video recording function with simple operation and high video quality. The length of video recording can be set according to the storage of the hard disk.

  1. HD video camera of 2m/3m/5m pixels

It provides smooth and high-definition images in QQ video or online video.

  1. Making signature

With the high-speed camera, you can make your own handwritten signature and extract your name. In future electronic documents, you can simply paste your name on the document to realize direct handwritten signature, fax and document printing.

  1. Real projector function

The speedometer has a movable structure, which can shoot anything in space and finally display it on the computer screen. It can be directly projected onto the curtain with a projector.

  1. Copy fax function

It can quickly obtain the image files of paper files, objects and so on, and can be printed by black and white or color printers in real time, or directly sent by fax through the network.


Product application of high-speed camera

Financial institutions

It can quickly scan all kinds of data to effectively reduce the waiting time of customers and improve service quality; it improves business efficiency through high-definition scanning and classified storage of various business forms, documents and customer files, and establishment of a digital management system.

Education industry

Scanning and storing teaching materials, examination papers and other paper documents; video recording, real-time projection, multimedia teaching.

Advertising and engineering design company

It can easily scan advertising posters, brochures, leaflets and various large-scale engineering drawings, store them electronically, save paper and reduce office costs.

Medical institutions

It can scan and save the patient's medical records, laboratory tests, CT films, X-ray films, etc.

Governmental agencies

The high speed document scanner can scan and store all kinds of government office documents, establish a government office information base, realize information sharing through electronic networking, realize paperless green operation in the whole process, and realize energy conservation and emission reduction. It is especially suitable for Land and Resources Bureau, Public Security and Law Enforcement, Industrial and Commercial Taxation and other institutions.

General enterprise

Daily document scanning and storage in various departments will promote paperless office work in enterprises and save office costs. Documents can be transmitted in real time after scanning to improve office efficiency.