High Speed Camera Scanner: Amazingly Light and Intelligent

26.01.2021 0 iCODIS Official

In the fast-paced urban life of the 21st century, efficient and high-quality completion of work is the requirement of every office, so the application of high-speed camera scanner is very common in office fields such as finance and government. High-speed camera scanner has a very efficient performance, and the folding mini figure can also save more use space.

High-speed camera scanner integrates high-speed document shooting technology and OCR text recognition technology. It has the advantages of small size, no mechanical loss, and USB power supply, which cannot be achieved by traditional scanners. Not only that, its appearance adopts a folding design structure and a detachable base design, which greatly improves portability.

The high speed camera scanner setting switch is very concealed and it is easy to use. There is a total of eight white LED lighting on both sides of the upper arm, which can be used for high-definition shooting in the case of insufficient light, and the light is even. The interface is on the back of the fuselage, which is very simple to use. It can be used when connected. It can work quickly and improve efficiency. The lens can not only quickly identify paper documents, ID cards, and color documents, but also extract relevant information from pictures.

In addition to paper scanning, the high-speed camera scanner can take pictures of any objects in the space, and finally display them on the computer screen, which can be directly projected on the screen with a projector. In terms of learning, high-speed camera scanner can turn pages and take pictures of books and documents. And it can automatically organize these into a PDF file format e-book, and then use the hard disk to store, so as to facilitate storage and transmission. When scanning the ID, there is no need to set the ID card deliberately, just click to shoot.

Both the hardware and software functions of high-speed camera scanner are very powerful, especially the software function, which is very practical. The fool-style one-key operation is very simple, which can meet the daily application needs of many industry office users and window industry users, and improve efficiency and office quality for users.