High Speed Camera Scanner + Medical Treatment: Make Medical Information Management More Convenient and Efficient

18.12.2020 0 iCODIS Official

With the development of the Internet, "high speed camera scanner + medical treatment" has been attracted more attention. More and more people choose to conduct online remote consultations through the Internet first. After understanding the condition and cause of the disease online, they can better conduct corresponding medical treatments for the condition, but many people also have doubts about this, such as worrying about disclosure of personal information, unsuccessful online registration and handling of disputes over diagnosis errors, etc.

This is also the voice of many patients. The Internet does provide convenience to patients, but it also has a large number of prerequisites to be met. We know that online platforms need to provide personal information such as name, telephone, medical history, etc. This information will be filed in the hospital. When visiting the doctor again, the doctor only needs to call the previous file information to get a general understanding of the patient's problem and propose suitable solutions. The diary of this information is amazing for months.

Using high speed camera scanner can quickly collect medical records, files, certificates, bills and other information, which is convenient and fast, saves time and effort. The document management function of high speed camera scanner is very convenient. In addition to efficient scanning, it can also perform OCR text recognition like the ocr book scanner, timing shooting, PDF export, network fax and other operations. High speed camera scanner integrates the second-generation card reader module. It can quickly identify identity information and compare the authenticity of personal information, so that the security of patient information management can also be guaranteed.

The archive management established by high speed camera scanner makes retrieval more convenient and can be shared remotely. Medical personnel in different locations can also view the same case file data.

The multi-purpose high speed camera scanner is also an office equipment for information and environmental protection. The use of the high speed camera scanner can save a lot of paper and power resources. After the efficiency of document processing is improved, the problem of queuing for medical treatment can also be alleviated, which can only be solved by multiple windows. The problem is solved in one window now, and the entire operation process is simpler and clearer. In terms of power supply, the high speed camera scanner uses a data cable for power supply and data transmission, which is very convenient for use in various occasions.