High Speed Camera Scanner Solution for Insurance System

19.01.2021 0 iCODIS Official
  1. Project background

Every day, insurance companies generate a large number of insurance policies, insurance policies, approval forms, application forms and other various documents. At the same time, these documents are the basic basis for users to settle claims and are legally valid documents. The contract of the insurance company, and the insurance application form, medical examination report, health notice, approval form, etc., are included as attachments to the insurance policy and form an insurance contract together with the insurance policy. Therefore, the management of insurance policies is of great significance to insurance companies. However, various insurance documents are numerous, need to be kept for a long time, and are frequently used, vulnerable, and easily destroyed. This makes insurance companies not only have higher management costs, but also has the risk of troublesome insurance document query and possible loss. The establishment of a core management system based on images will provide adequate guarantees for insurance companies to improve their management efficiency and competitiveness.

  1. Solutions profile

(1) Document image input

As a special document camera for counters, high speed camera scanner provides high-resolution and high-speed document shooting functions. It is the best choice for instant document shooting on the counter.

High speed camera scanner not only can quickly capture documents within A4 format in about 1 second, but also allows users to quickly capture documents of any size or thickness within A4 format as they wish. This simplifies the complicated operations of the staff to improve the work efficiency, the paper insurance documents can be digitally converted into electronic files quickly, thereby avoiding the risk of loss or damage to the insurance documents and making it possible for long-term preservation.

(2) Document image management

High speed camera scanner uses image digitization technology to realize the transmission, review and utilization of business vouchers. The system comes with image optimization technology, compression technology, OCR technology, etc., which can effectively process business vouchers. At the same time, considering the security of the voucher, the voucher can be processed using digital watermarking technology and encryption technology. By setting up a centralized image center, all physical vouchers of each business department can be remotely transmitted to the image center of the company headquarters through the high-speed camera for processing, and the specific business of various electronic images is handled by the business centers of the headquarters. The establishment of the electronic imaging center is conducive to the timely pre-planning, in-process control, and post-mortem analysis of business risks, preventing unreasonable incidents, effectively reducing operating costs, and improving decision-making response capabilities.

  1. Practical benefits

(1) The image management of insurance policies optimizes the business operation process, enhances the intensification of the insurance company's business model, and brings higher benefits to the overall business.

(2) It improves the security control of the content of the insurance policy, ensures the long-term preservation of the policy, and makes the policy easier to manage and query.

(3) It improves the efficiency of each business department and sales department to better serve customers.

(4) High-efficiency and safe input, maintenance and remote transmission performance of high speed camera scannerĀ ensure the integrity and consistency of information.

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