High-speed Photographic Apparatus Performs Better than the Scanner?

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Many people now want to know whether the scanner is better or the high-speed camera is better. Before answering this question, let's talk about the origin of the two. The scanner is a photoelectric integrated device that appeared in the 1980s. Its predecessor was a mechanical scanning device invented by German engineer Nipkov in 1884 using selenium photocells. Its main function is to electronically make paper documents. The high-speed photographic apparatus is a new type of office equipment that only appeared in the 21st century. The main function of high-speed photographic apparatus in the early days of birth was also to electronically convert paper documents. It differs from the scanner only in principle. The scanner uses photoelectric technology and digital processing technology to scan. The high-speed photographic apparatus is of CMOS scan method, that is, a photographic scan method. Two devices solve the same need, so many consumers want to compare which device is better. In fact, these two devices are simply not comparable today. Let's talk about why these two devices are not comparable.

With the development of these more than ten years, the high-speed photographic apparatus does not have only a simple scanning function but is also a paperless office. It is widely used in banks, government agencies, hospitals, communication business halls, and enterprises. The main function of the scanner is still scanning. Therefore, the fields and needs of the two have changed.

Since the high-speed photographic apparatus and the scanner are not comparable, there is naturally no better one or worse one. The main mission of the high-speed photographic apparatus is to achieve a low carbon, energy-saving, and environmental protection in a paperless office. Therefore, all functions are developed around this mission. The main functions include fast scanning, OCR text scanner, document scanning, ID card recognition, face identification, ID verification, fingerprint identification, QR code identification, barcode identification, audio, and video recording, electronic signing, etc. The main function of the scanner is to scan. Compared with scanning alone, the scanner is better than the high-speed scanner. The optical resolution of the scanner can easily reach 600dpi and the resolution is also very high. It is suitable for high-precision scanning applications.

From the above, we can know the reason why the high-speed photographic apparatus and the scanner are not comparable in use. Because the fields of application of the two are fundamentally different, there is no comparison at all. Of course, it can also be understood that they have their own strengths and weaknesses, such as the use of electronic and OCR text recognition for complex and numerous materials. The efficiency of a high speed camera scanner is much higher than that of a scanner. If you simply need high-precision scanning results, the scanner is slightly better.

High-speed Photographic Apparatus Performs Better than the Scanner?

Does the high-speed photographic apparatus work well, or does the scanner work well? This is a relatively contradictory comparison. It mainly depends on the usage field and usage scenario. In the case of banks and government affairs halls, a single sheet of paper and documents are scanned. The high-speed photographic apparatus can complete the scanning process very quickly, so it is recommended that you choose the scanning equipment according to the environment of your daily work area.

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