High-speed Photographic Apparatus Promotes Interactive Teaching

22.12.2020 0 iCODIS Official

With the progress of society, the content and form of classroom teaching are undergoing daily changes and development. In information-based classroom teaching, the way of teacher-student interaction can make students more focused and make learning more interactive.

Where are the lively and interesting applications of high-speed photographic apparatus teaching?

Interactive teaching is a thorough educational revolution from content to form, adapting to fundamental changes in teaching concepts and teaching content. For example, in today's biology class, high-speed photographic apparatus is used to display biological specimens and dissecting small animals; in chemistry class, each step of the experiment can be clearly photographed through real-time photography. This is not only convenient, but also can take the students in the back row into account, and ensures the safety of the students during the demonstration experiment. Its teaching method also presents its own characteristics of high-speed photographic apparatus. Information-based teaching of high-speed photographic apparatus, including high speed book scanner and book and document scanner, and a properly grasped classroom teaching method will inevitably make teaching more effective.

In teaching, the scenario setting method refers to the teaching process that teachers create a certain teaching atmosphere in the teaching according to the teaching goals and requirements through preparation, attracting students' attention and mobilizing students' interest, so as to achieve the mastery of knowledge or deepen the understanding of the problem, which is a teaching method commonly used by teachers in the teaching process. It has the teaching advantages of moving people with emotion and strong appeal, and has special significance in the formation of students' ideological and moral education. High-speed photographic apparatus is used to realize full-screen physical display, with lifelike picture effect and strong visual impact. This makes it easy for students to understand and remember. The vivid display of objects left a deep impression on the students. It makes learning more convenient and easier for students, and easier and more efficient for teachers.