How does the high-speed Photographic Apparatus Realize Information-based Teaching?

15.01.2021 0 iCODIS Official

In teaching, whether it is the archiving of test paper answers or knowledge explanation, management and preservation of data, a lot of paper documents are required. This is very inconvenient to find and not easy to share. The high-speed scanner can scan student homework test papers and sort them into files. This is also convenient for parents to check and understand the current learning situation of students. Through the connection of computers and high-speed photographic apparatus, teaching can be more lively and interesting.

  1. The high-speed photographic apparatus can make courseware. Teachers can scan and archive textbooks, reference materials, teaching plans, etc., and quickly embed electronic courseware to make multimedia courseware, so that students can absorb knowledge faster.
  1. Thehigh-speed photographic apparatus can be displayed in video. Documents can be displayed through the matching electronic whiteboard, and the electronic whiteboard function can be highlighted at any time.
  2. The high-speed photographic apparatus can record and broadcast courseware, and it can display real objects. The previous courseware can also be reproduced, so that students who don’t understand can learn again.
  1. The high-speed photographic apparatus can be taught remotely. The prepared courseware can provide remote interaction between teachers and students, facilitating teaching and communication. The archive classification can also be fully shared, which not only increases the degree of coordination, but also improves the quality of teaching. It can be seen that high-speed photographic apparatus in the education industry can help the development of teaching information technology.

In short, there are many ways of information-based teaching, and making good use of technology products "high-speed photographic apparatus" is also one of them. Our purpose is to mobilize students' learning initiative, enthusiasm and creativity, strive to cultivate their independent learning, and strive to combine the leading role of teachers with the subjectivity of student learning, improve classroom teaching efficiency, and complete students' knowledge construction.