How to Choose a Projector

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Although the projector is good, a complex set of parameters prevents most people from making passionate choices.

Is the picture projected by the projector clear? Do you need to draw curtains during the day? Does watching the projection ruin your eyes in the dark? ...These questions from novices are concise, sincere, and sharp.

Is the quality of the projector good?

The resolution of the projector determines whether you can see a mosaic with a touching texture or a blockbuster with clear pores. The resolution is mainly divided into three categories, the order of which is 4K>1080P>720P. The clearer the display, the higher the price. When watching movies at home, 1080P projectors is basic. With the same configuration, anyone who is willing to improve in technology and hardware will win at the starting line.

Projector screen

 Can I use a projector if my home space is small?

If the room is small and you want to project a pleasing large screen, it is recommended to choose a mini home projector with a smaller projection ratio. For example, a projection ratio of 1.2:1 means that when the distance between the projector and the wall is 1.2 meters, a 1 meter long picture can be displayed on the white wall.

 Do I have to turn off the light when using the projector?

ANSI lumens is a common unit of projector brightness and a relatively standard unit. This parameter determines whether you can see the projection clearly during the day and whether the picture is dazzling when you watch the projection at night. Commonly used projectors are generally between 500-2000 ANSI lumens. If the brightness is too low, it is equivalent to look at the light and shadow on the white wall, which is comparable to watching a white cat in the snow. If the brightness is too high, the eyes will be tired after watching for a long time.

The low-brightness projection allows you to watch blockbusters in the bedroom at night; the high-brightness projection can also be used in the bright living room during the day. But the brightness is too high, and the eyes will be tired after watching for a long time. Of course, the overall visual effect of projection cannot be based on brightness. High brightness does not mean good picture quality. Good visual effects also depend on picture quality technology.

 Will it ruin your eyes if you look too much?

Young people may just ask casually, but moms are really worried. The principle of the projector is that the light does not directly enter the eyes, but is projected on the wall to be seen by the human eye. This is more eye-catching than devices such as TVs, computers, and mobile phones that directly hit the human eye.

How to Choose a Projector

 Is the running noise annoying?

In your childhood, at the instant the door lock sounded, you turned off the TV at the speed of a sprint of 100 meters. But it was always caught because of the heat that the fuselage could not dissipate. At that time, your dream was to let all the machines under the world cool down in real time.

If you buy a projector with poor heat dissipation, not only is the shadow of childhood heat dissipation again, its noise is also comparable to a helicopter that is about to break out of the machine. The most sensible way is to choose a brand with quality assurance.

After the popularization of science, there is only one last problem to buy a projector: money. Young renters with small budgets and limited space may consider a projector with a high cost performance. People who are more mature and pursue higher quality can choose to a high resolution mini projector with high configuration.

More and more young people do not have TVs in the living room, and a new era of entertainment has really arrived. More and more young people are looking for happiness on the projector. If you still have a TV at home, you are 99% likely to live with your elders, and your proficiency in operating a TV box is not as good as your grandma. But with a little pointer, your grandma may be more proficient at playing projectors.